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Get in, get in! Welcome to Cosmopolitan, possibly the most cosmopolitan restaurant in the world. People from all over the world can taste our dishes without any language barriers. How it works? Quite simply: the menu is written in phonetic transcription, so that a typical dish can be served to everyone, no matter what language they belong to. If that doesn’t give us a 5 star rating on Google, what will happen?

Information about the game

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Game Description

At Kosmopolit we run a restaurant cooperatively, where dishes from all over the world are served and ordered in all kinds of languages. At first we distribute the roles of waitress, waiter and chef. The waitress runs the desired application, choosing the number of players (from four to eight) and the level of difficulty to play. She is also the waitress who listens to guests’ orders via headphones on their smartphones and passes them on to the main waiter. He writes what he hears and passes it on to the chefs. They now have the task of finding the right food on their language cards and searching for the right ingredient. The final order is returned to the waiter, who hands it to the waitress with the appropriate place card. The waitress is now using the app to serve the order at the respective table.

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If the guest is served the correct dish, the waitress puts the cards aside and the team gets points. If the order is wrong, the waiter returns the cards to the chefs and the search continues.

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The Cosmopolitan game can end in two ways. Either all tables have been served or the six-minute timer has expired. In the end, the points are evaluated in the application. Each table correctly served gives 10 points. But there are also negative points, for example, if the table is presented incorrectly or an old request is heard again.

If the deck reaches a certain number of points, higher levels of difficulty will be unlocked and even an additional pack of cards with additional languages ​​and components can be unlocked during the game.

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