September 22, 2023


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Written by Bjorn Stampfer . Take a board game quiz

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Two adventures await you in the box. First, clever detectives seek to find Mrs. Hen. In addition, Emelie Ente wants to celebrate her birthday and needs your help to deliver the invitations. Can you find all the clues and complete both missions together?

Information about the game

Asmodee kindly provided us with “Unlock! Kids – Auf dem bauernhof” for review.
This has no effect on our rating!

This is what the game is about

The “Unlock!” About solving puzzles with the help of cards and tiles. They must be combined in a specific way to get more clues.

Kids open 004

The ‘children’ variant discussed here does not require the use of an app and can run completely analog.

Before the first adventure, it is recommended that you complete a tutorial that comes with a few cards and tiles. The basic mechanisms and processes are presented here.

Tags: puzzle, 1-4 people, 20 minutes, co-op

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