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Brettspiel-News.de – Review | Troy

Written by Alex & Wandee Steinmaier on .

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As a member of a wealthy family in Troyes during the Middle Ages, you try to increase your reputation by helping to build the cathedral and defend the city, among other things. Cleverly use your influence on nobles, clergy and citizens.

Information about the game

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Effect is everything

“Troyes” is a dice game or set of workers. The deployed Meeples remain in place even after the end of the round, while the dice are constantly re-rolled, distributed and one-time actions are performed.

Troy Test 002

The game board shows the areas of the three estates, represented by the Palace of Counts in red for the nobles, the Episcopalians in gray for the clergy, and the Town Hall in yellow for the citizens.

You can place your own meeples in these areas, displacing previously laid meeples, and prefer those of other people, of course. Each round there is an income of cubes for each of his Meepl in the color corresponding to the area. Posting new meeples costs 2 impact points, or you can post one of your displaced meeples for free.

In addition, all individuals receive ten coins of income, but they must also pay wages. Red dice die two coins, white die costs one coin, and yellow die does not cost anything.

Event cards are now revealed and resolved. If there is still anything left from the previous round, it will be activated as well. Military events are assaults on the city represented by black cubes that must be defended by families. To do this, you must block at least one black dice one by one in the game order by eliminating one or more of your dice at least the same amount. Red dice double. This happens until all dice are blocked and they are rewarded with Impact Points. Other event cards require you to pay coins or keep maples away.

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Troy Test 001

Once this stage is resolved, one action can be performed in turn, using one to three dice of the same color. The higher the total number of dice points used in this way, the stronger the effect. Special dice can be manipulated by spending Impact Points by rolling one back or turning up to three dice to the other side. In addition, opposing dice can be purchased with coins, the cost of which increases with the total number of dice used in a turn: if only one dice are used, it costs two, and if a total of two dice are used, each foreign dice costs four coins, for a total of three Used dice, foreign dice costs 6 coins.

As mentioned at the beginning, meeples can be used with the specified dice to increase the income from the dice. But it is also possible to fight event cards. These colors show the color of the dice required and the number by which the dice sum is divided in order to determine the number of blocks that can be placed on the card. There are impact points for each block. If all the spaces printed on the event card are occupied, this means that the card has been successfully fought and is removed. Victory points are awarded to the people involved.

Troy Test 005

Alternatively, business cards placed in colored areas, which are gradually revealed as the game progresses, can also be activated. When you use it for the first time, you have to use your meeple once, which must be paid for with coins. From then on, the card-colored dice can be used for free to use the corresponding action. This means that more blocks can be placed on event cards, dice scores can be improved, coins received, impact or victory points, etc. The number of times the action is played depends on the result of the total of the dice and the number indicated on the card with which it is shared.

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Another option is to help build the cathedral by placing a wooden block in the column marked with the number on the dice. There are three levels and they should always be used in the next free level. This is rewarded with Impact and Victory Points. At the end of the game there are two minus points for each vacant level.

Actions are taken in turns until everyone passes, then the next round begins. Scrolling is another source of money. The more others keep playing, the more coins you get.

Revealing the last event card heralds the last round of the game. This is followed by the final scoring, where there are points for maples placed on the business cards and the secret turn card in addition to the victory points already achieved. Whoever has the most winning points wins.

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