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Written by Daniel Krause . Take a board game quiz

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Useless knowledge is characterized above all by the fact that hardly anyone notices it. Also, it doesn’t add anything to our lives…unless we play Dumb Donkey! Here everyone can shine by distinguishing the real useless knowledge from the fake knowledge and have a lot of fun at the same time. a promise!

Information about the game

ATM Gaming gave us the “Doofer Esel” for review.
This has no effect on our rating!

Who is not stupid here?

Stupid Donkey is a game played in teams. So we can calm down: no one person is stupid, but we are a collective. What was the name of the movie that said “one for all and all for one”? Yes exactly Zoro, oh no… no, it was the Three Musketeers. It’s good that I kept this useless knowledge, but it’s not enough for “Doofer Esel”. Before I go any further, here’s an example from the game:

Stupid ass test 000

Which of these animal species actually exists?

  1. Little unicorn
  2. giraffe beetle
  3. Monkey King

and guess? What kind of animals are there really? The biologists among you may know that giraffe beetles are real. Solution A and C were invented by me. The game works that simple. Both teams receive a card with a question and a correct answer. Then two more answers are thought of by the teams and all three are noted together on the closed board.

Now each team puts chips on the other team’s answers and fools each other. At the start, there are still 16 chips left, but they disappear very quickly… The team that has chips left at the end wins.

Tags: 2-10 people, 15-20 minutes, humor, group game

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