February 6, 2023


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Brettspiel-News.de – Review | Stranger Things: Save Will & Elf

Review |  Stranger Things: Save Will & Elf

By Thorsten & Vera on . Take a board game quiz

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Our friend Will has disappeared and all of Hawkins is in turmoil, and there are rumors that a monster has escaped from the lab. Is there a connection here? Is the will at risk? We must go look for him. And with that, we dive into Stranger Things – Save Will & Elf, an escape game set in the universe of the Netflix series Stranger Things.

Information about the game

Asmodee has provided us with “Stranger Things: Rettet WIll & Elf” for review.
This has no effect on our rating!

Game description

At the beginning of each game, the character cards of the well-known series characters are divided between two to eight players, class and class cards are laid out and after reading a short introduction, the game can start playing. We puzzle our way through a total of 15 chapters in which we have to use the escape game hint and character cards to come up with typical four-digit numbers as a solution, which then leads us to the next chapter.

Stranger things will test 001

Hints for the three-step solutions can be found in the enclosed order booklet, should you ever get stuck. Alternatively, an online accessible website is available to recall relevant information and a timer. If these hints are no longer enough, there is also a solution to the puzzle and a brief explanation of the solution.

In this escape game we only play with the cards provided, no internet or special app is required to play the game. Pen and paper are just the tools needed when playing.

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Tags: get out/escape, 2-8 people, 60 minutes