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King Arthur and his loyal minions face evil in various missions. Only with pure hearts will it be possible to survive. But the sorceress Morgan La Fey and her vile minions have crept into the entourage and are trying to sabotage the success. In “Quest” the fate of England and the legendary king is decided.

Information about the game

Standalone boards and cards, please check Quest
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simple task

“Quest” is the spiritual heir to the hit social conclusion “Avalon” or “Resistance”. The gameplay is mostly the same, but some aspects have been changed significantly to create a smoother feel. All players get a hidden role. Some are optional and have special capabilities. Only Morgan la Fey participates in every match. Depending on the number of participants, a task card is selected. This determines the number of missions to be played and the number of people who have to participate in each mission.

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Bad guys can play the pass or fail card, and good people always play the mission success card, of course. If only the success cards are played, the good guys win the task. Otherwise, the evil side wins. If one party wins the majority of the tasks, it wins. Up to this point the procedure should be known.

However, in “Quest” there is no longer a discussion and voting on whether the chosen team is allowed to take on the task or whether a new group should be selected. And after the last quest, there is one last chance for both sides to win. If Blind Hunter guesses two characters correctly and their roles are on the good side, Morgan’s side wins. For the people of Arthus, there is the “last quest”. Exactly five minutes can be discussed. Then everyone points to two people they think are traitors. Traitors get their hands down and only the good should point to traitors, Arthur’s side wins.

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Tags: 4-100 players, social opponent, 30 minutes