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review |  My city: twist and type

Brettspiel-News.de – Review | My city: twist and type

Written by Denise Janssen on .

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Who does not know that? A successful movie that hits cinemas and wins one award after another. Shortly thereafter, rumors spread that there would be a second, third, and fourth season and that several spin-offs would follow. In recent years, this has not been uncommon even for board games. Although the board game “Part Two” is published less frequently, “Roll and Write offshoot” takes this position. “My City – Roll and Write” is the latest example. Building on the massive success of My City, My City – Roll and Write attempts to bring a similar feel to the table in a smaller box and by using dice instead of cards. But does it work?

Information about the game

Cosmos kindly provided us with “My City: Roll & Write” for our review.
This has no effect on our rating!

This is what the game is about

As in “My City”, the playgroup in “My City – Roll and Write” is trying to build their city and fill their playing field as much as possible. Instead of cards and shapes placed on the board, dice are thrown and grouped into different shapes. These different shapes are then drawn on the personal game board in order to fulfill missions and victory point requirements. Once it’s a person’s turn, the dice are rolled once and rolled together into the only possible combination. Then all the people at the table can draw this shape in the corresponding building type on their playing board (the shape can be reversed individually). If you don’t want to draw the figure, you can turn down this roll, but cross out a space under the game board, which will earn you minus points at the end of the game.

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My city roll and write test 000

Unlike other Roll and Write titles, “My City – Roll and Write” is played in chapters, with the rules within 1-12 different games constantly expanding or changing. While the first game is still all about learning about the basic principles of the game and filling only a few fields, later games expand the game principle by adding the types of buildings, fountains, or bandits that have been rolled and brought into focus.

Once a person does not want to enter any buildings, he can finish the game himself and can no longer think of any throws. Once all the people have finished the game, the winning points are counted. One point is deducted for each space that remains empty and this is compensated for tasks and victory points under the game board. At the end of each chapter (three matches), all the victory points for the respective characters are added up and the victorious character is determined.

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