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review |  Harry Potter: House Cup Competition

Brettspiel-News.de – Review | Harry Potter: House Cup Competition

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Life at Hogwarts is magical, stressful and full of incredible dangers. Aside from this totally normal insanity, there is nothing more important to students than competition for the home cup. To achieve this, it is not enough just to know the correct answers. You must defeat the werewolves and find the Chamber of Secrets. The most important rule is of course: face the tasks! This is the only way your house will win the Harry Potter: House Cup competition.

Information about the game

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Too many tasks

Magical wands are noted in the hands and flowing, as they mean nothing less than the home cup of Hogwarts Witchcraft. To do this, up to four people take control of the four known houses in this worker recruitment game. Each house contains three students who visit different locations during the game. The transmission represents the first stage of each round, and in the second stage easy and hard tasks can be completed in order to get points and thus crystals. After seven rounds, the house with the most crystals wins the house cup competition.

Harry Potter House Cup Test 003

In turn, everyone takes turns putting a factor on the game board. One field may be visited by several workers, while other fields may be visited only by one worker. As the game progresses, other locations play. Some places have a fee that must be paid upon entry. Magic and knowledge in the form of books and magic hats serve as in-game resources. Essentially, upon deployment, the worker gains the resources and skill upgrades shown. In addition, a basic or advanced lesson can be completed before or after the worker is deployed, which gives an additional bonus. When all students are deployed, the first stage ends.

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Harry Potter House Cup Test 001

In the second stage, all workers return to the mats of the house. All players can now play a task or two from their hand cards and assign their students to solve it. A worker cannot participate in more than one task, but several workers can work together on one task. The bonus is at the bottom of the card. In principle, a maximum of two easy missions or one easy and one hard mission can be played. Then the round ends and the next round begins as the round counter progresses.

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