October 1, 2022


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Dark Cases: Deep Fall

Brettspiel-News.de – Review | Dark Cases: Deep Fall

Written by Thorsten & Vera on .

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Thomas Burgmann, a successful businessman, fell while climbing Talbachhorn and has been in hospital in mortal danger ever since. It is still not clear whether the cause was an attack or inattention. To make matters worse, the local police investigation is progressing slowly. Now it is up to us to find out what happened in Talbachhorn so that this file can be closed.

Information about the game

Gmeiner Verlag has provided us with “Dark Cases: Tiefer Fall” for our review.
This has no bearing on our rating!

Game Description

In “Dark Cases: Deep Fall” we try to solve the Thomas Burgmann case as a team of investigators. The game is almost without rules. At the beginning of the game, we read an accompanying sheet that explains the basic rules, gives us little tips, and explains how the help system works in the game. Then it can be selected directly. From the very beginning, the team has all the information and documents in the game box at their disposal. Besides the contents of the game box, there are many websites and social media profiles that need to be checked and researched in order to solve the problem.

dark cases deep condition test004

In addition to the case-related websites, there is also a game-specific website on which the hint system is hidden in case the team is down. If the team sees the case resolved, the game can be ended on this page and the investigation team can see if they are on the right track with their investigation. Five questions about the case must be answered correctly. Depending on the amount of time and information the team needs, there is a five star rating at the end.

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Tags: 1-6 characters, detective, horror, 90-180 minutes