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Crazy Driver by Rudy Games is a classic racing game. With references to well-known video games and app support, up to four animal racers are racing toward a possible victory on different routes.

Information about the game

Rudy Games has provided us with “Crazy Driver” for our review.
This has no bearing on our rating!


To play, you first need a smartphone or tablet and a free app. After installation, a free account must also be created.

crazy driver test 000

With the help of the application, all structures and processes are explained and targeted assistance is given to individual cards in the game.

Once all the appropriate components are found and placed correctly, all players choose their driver and vehicle. Character values ​​are placed on a separate player board with the help of wooden blocks and the shift lever is set to 0.

To determine the starting order, the participant’s field faces the first in-app mini-game. There are three basic options for action: switching gears, setting the value of the movement, and executing the movement, thus resolving the triggered events accordingly. Character abilities or business cards can affect this.

Crazy driver test 006

Along the way, players will encounter other mini-games at various points on the road or across random events in order to influence the racing track in different ways.

The road is now complete and whoever crosses the finish line first wins the game.

Tags: 2-4 people, business cards, 30-60 minutes, races

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