September 28, 2022


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Brawl Stars: Tribe Gaming wins offense against SK Gaming

In the Snapdragon Pro Series Season 1 Challenge Finals, Reply Totem, Tribe Gaming and SK Gaming qualified for the Grand Final. The last two provided an interesting story.

Calm instead of short temper – the secret recipe?
eSports kicker

When the third set and decisiveness ended, Tribe Gaming’s players remained calm – not a trace of euphoria. However, they had a reason for that, in a very exciting game they beat SK Gaming and thus reached the final of the upper category.

Variety of up to three sentences

Which makes the way there was finally open. The game is played in a best of three mode, the combination is won when the team wins two or three rounds. The number of rounds played depends on the mode. It changes after every sentence – so it’s always about eliminating rival players, but also about getting missions done. Hoard more diamonds than your opponent, take control area or score more goals in handball.

So it was the control zones game mode that made the difference. Having fought SK Gaming a few times, they were unable to build on their actual skills in the decisive round. the reason? “We had to take characters we didn’t train in this way,” army chief Bakri “Symantec” Taheri said in a draft of kicker eSports. Crafting is all about choosing the characters of the game, which is done in turns. The coin lottery decides who starts the draft, and the other team can then select two letters in a row.

Peacefully, comfortably and fans in the back

However, SK Gaming struggled, nibbling the set and scoring 2-2. However, Tribe Gaming was unimpressed and won the decisive third round. A level of wisdom that made the difference in the victory, Captain Mohamed Daraj Daraj told us. It would have also helped to support a group of Reply Totem fans. They chanted out loud at Tribe Gaming.

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After all, SK Gaming is Totem’s strongest competitor, their star Erik Bravo ‘Joker’ Granstrom told us. The team qualified around the 16-year-old with ease and extended their winning streak to ten straight games unbeaten. Tribe Gaming awaits them on Sunday, but Symantec & Co also have a chance to win the trophy and £60,000 in prize money – but only one. Because the team that loses in the top final gets a second chance against SK Gaming.