July 25, 2024


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‘Boy and the Heron’ Eyes  Million Opening, Beyoncé Stumbles – Deadline

‘Boy and the Heron’ Eyes $10 Million Opening, Beyoncé Stumbles – Deadline

Saturday morning: Update for updates….G Kids The boy and the heron It is the dealer’s largest opening ever with an interval of 3 days $10.7 million – $12 million After Friday/previews of $5.56 million. The overall market, although slow, is not bad as we reached around $69 million which is 82% higher than last year. Thank God for small miracles.

EMC’ Renaissance: A Beyoncé Film It has lost its luster with a $5.6 million 3 days, -74%. Oh.

Friday evening: While the first weekend in December gets a bad reputation for being slow, the second weekend is often even slower, so don’t be surprised if all films’ $38 million gross is on par with the same frame a year ago. Hayao Miyazaki The boy and the heron, As expected, all films will lead with the expected $10.7 million Opening after a $5.4 million Friday in 2,205 theaters, which includes $2.39 million in previews. The film currently has a Rotten Tomatoes audience rating of 88%.


Second place goes to Lionsgate’s fourth weekend The Hunger Games: Song of Songbirds and Snakes With Friday $2.5 million (-38%), 3 days $8.75 million (-38%), in total $134.9 million By Sunday EOD was in 3,665 theaters. Domestic 24-day operating totals trail by -7% Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald At the same time, which opened on the same weekend before Thanksgiving in 2018. Harry Potter The sequel finished with $159.55 million in the US/Canada.

The third is Toho Godzilla minus one In 2,540 theaters with the second Friday of $1.8 million (-62%), second weekend $6.4 million The total number is (-44%) $23.4 million On Sunday.

Universal/DreamWorks Animation Trolls band together We will see Friday the fourth of $1.3 million (-23%), 3 days 6 million dollars (-23%) to the total $82.88 million In 3,447 theaters.


AMC’s second weekend Renaissance: A Beyoncé Film In 2,539 theaters looking forward to the second Friday of $1.6 million-86%, and 3 days $5.2 million-76%, total operation $28.2 million. Maybe this movie should have been shown during the week? This is a sharp decline next to Taylor Swift: Tour for the Ages Which dropped -64% on Weekend 2. RenaissanceThe second frame percentage is also worse than Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus: Best of both worlds party (-67%), Justin Bieber Never say no (-55%), and Michael Jackson that’s it (-43%).

Bleecker Street musical waitress Seen on Friday from 700 thousand dollars In 1,214 theaters and 3 days of play $2.25 million.

Friday morning: After delivering one Japanese film at the box office for the month of December last weekend Godzilla minus one, Here’s another film set to dominate: Studio Ghibli and Hayao Miyazaki’s Gkids The boy and the heron See bow number 1 with $10 million+ after $2.39 million Thursday and early access previews.

The companies here are literally the Japanese live-action headline this past weekend Godzilla minus one ( Read Review ), which saw $2.1 million in previews before a $4.7 million mint on Friday, and a 3-day cume of $11.4 million in 2,308 theaters.

The boy and the heron It has been shown in 1,774 theaters in the US and Canada, and starts at 5pm on Thursday. The picture is booked into 2,205 theaters this weekend, including Imax and PLF. It is the first Studio Ghibli film to be released in IMAX. There were award-eligible preview entries that began on Thanksgiving in New York and Los Angeles, and those numbers will be included in the daily totals on a prorated basis over the next two weeks, according to Gkids.

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Although Miyazaki retired in 2013, he returned to direct this film, which is described as a “semi-autobiographical fantasy about life, death, and creation.” In the picture, a young boy named Mahito misses his mother and ventures into a world shared by the living and the dead. There, death ends, and life finds a new beginning.

miyazaki’s last movie, The wind rises, It grossed $5.2 million in the United States via Disney. The current highest opening weekend for a Studio Ghibli film is 2012 The Secret World of Arriettywhich bowed with $6.4 million via Disney and finished with $19.2 million in the United States. The boy and the heron It will easily surpass this pic’s opening footprint of 1,522 theaters to become the widest opening ever for a Studio Ghibli film as well as the widest opening for a Gkids release. The boy and the heron It is shown in English subtitled and dubbed editions. The big-name dubbed version features Christian Bale, Dave Bautista, Gemma Chan, Willem Dafoe, Karen Fukuhara, Mark Hamill, Robert Pattinson, and Florence Pugh.

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The boy and the heron It is freshly certified 95% on Rotten Tomatoes and has grossed over $84 million overseas, including $56.1 million in its native Japan, where it reached Miyazaki’s highest-ever opening with no promotion in July.

The pic premiered internationally as Opening Ceremony at the Toronto International Film Festival, a first for a Japanese film or anime. It recently won the New York Film Critics Circle Award for Best Animated Feature and was named one of the Top 10 Films of 2023 by the National Board of Review.

“Godzilla minus one”

Talking about Godzilla minus one, Japan’s highest-grossing live-action title topped the charts on Thursday with $1.25 million (-8% from Wednesday) and the first week of 17 million dollars In 2,308 theaters. Looks like the second weekend of the pic $5 million – $6 million In a careless race for third place with the second tire for AMC Renaissance: A Beyoncé Film.


This concert doc from the 32-time Grammy winner (read review) paused showtimes Monday through Wednesday but returned Thursday with $1.145 million to take third place on the day. She also looks around 6 million dollars. Run com for Renaissance He is $23.1 million.


Don’t underestimate Lionsgate The Hunger Games: Song of Songbirds and Snakes (Read the review) which was placed on the second Thursday with $1.148 million (-3% from Wednesday) and it took the third week of $19.5 million in 3,691 theaters with a total run $126.2 million. Forecast for the fourth frame of the introductory film directed by Francis Lawrence and starring Rachel Ziegler and Tom Blythe. 8 million dollars.

Fourth place goes to the Broadway musical’s Bleecker Street featurette Waitress, Who did 672 thousand dollars In 1,214 theaters.

Fifth place is Apple Original Production Napoleon Via Sony (read review), which made 609 thousand dollars Thursday -13% over Wednesday for the second week of $10.2 million In 3500 theaters and a total number $48.9 million.

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Yorgos Lanthimos won the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival Bad things, Starring and produced by Emma Stone (read review), it plays in four markets with a total of nine theaters – New York (AMC Lincoln Square, Regal Union Square, Brooklyn’s Alamo Drafthouse), Los Angeles (AMC Century City, AMC The Grove, AMC Burbank 16), San Francisco (AMC Metreon, Alamo Drafthouse Mission) and Austin (Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar). This is the adult thriller from Disney’s Searchlight, and it will be interesting to see how art audiences embrace the picture, which has generated quite a buzz among awards bloggers and the media. The film, about a Frankenstein-like girl who finds her sexual independence across Europe, has a 93% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Emerald Vinyl saltburn, Which many also found to be bold in its sensational content, it posted a first weekend of $322,000 in seven theaters with a theater average of $46,000. Can Bad things Which summit?

Saltburnwhich posted an impressive third weekend with a -9% share, after Thanksgiving, ended its third week with $2.9 million After Thursday, $256,000 and a total $7.6 million. The Amazon MGM film arrives on Prime on December 22 (read review).

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