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Börse Express – McCourt Institute Announces the Winners of the 2022 Research Grant to Promote Ethical Technology and Digital Governance

PARIS & WASHINGTON, March 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — As part of the McCourt Institute funding, Science Po and Georgetown University will award grants to 28 researchers for 17 projects dedicated to reshaping ethics, politics, and governance in the digital deal with ages.

The McCourt Institute, co-founded with co-founders Sciences Po in Paris and Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. to advance technology for the greater good, today announced the recipients of its 2022 Research Grants to Promote Ethical Technology and Digital Governance. The winners and their projects were announced today at the opening ceremony of the Macourt Institute in Paris.

“The McCourt Institute is pleased to partner with two world-class academic institutions in order to better understand the problems created and exacerbated by current technologies, and most importantly, to bring us closer to the solutions we need,” said Sherazade Semsar de Poisson, the inaugural executive director of the McCourt Institute.

The McCourt Institute has pledged $50 million over 10 years to Sciences Po and Georgetown University to support the development of new sciences and advance research in technology for the greater good. Beginning in 2022, projects funded annually will be selected and managed directly by Georgetown University and Sciences Po.

“There is almost no civic challenge or solution where technology does not play a role,” said Maria Kansian, dean of Georgetown University’s McCourt School of Public Policy. “Georgetown is committed to designing technologies that are ethical, equitable, and inclusive.. Advancing the public good will help our collaboration with the Institute of Political Science and the McCourt Institute build Strong foundations in law, computing, public policy and ethics to address pressing issues where technology and civil society meet.

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Guillaume Plantin, Dean of Research and Faculty at Sciences Po, explained: “The selected projects address important issues related to the impact of digital technologies on public and private spaces. This support from the McCourt Institute will enable the research teams at the Institute of Political Science to empower and even expand their work on key issues: Implementation of Fact-checking mechanisms based on empirical evidence to combat misinformation in online political discussions, or develop a robust legal framework advocating the use of artificial intelligence for commercial or political purposes. Researchers will put these issues into perspective and make digital governance more accountable, equitable and democratic.”

A steering committee representing Georgetown faculty, Science Beau faculty, and McCourt Institute selected 17 projects led by 28 scholars from the Georgetown University and Science Bee academic communities. Projects will focus on the impact of technology on individuals and society, examining new governance models, regulatory frameworks, and technologies to mitigate harm and advance the common good. Detailed descriptions of the individual projects funded can be found here.

With these research projects complete, the McCourt Institute will work with Georgetown University, Science Po and grant recipients to present their findings to the public in a variety of formats.

For opportunities to interview with the McCourt Institute or a scholar, please contact Anna Ramic at [email protected].

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Founded in 2021 with founding partners Sciences Po Paris and Georgetown University in Washington, DC, the McCourt Institute aims to ensure that digital governance is prioritized as new technologies are developed and incorporated into the next generation of the Internet. It supports the goals of Project Liberty, a visionary initiative by civic entrepreneur, entrepreneur and influencer investor Frank McCourt, which aims to change the way the Internet works, create a more equitable digital economy and create a new civic architecture to advance the digital world.

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