October 1, 2022


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Börse Express – HONOR Transforming an iconic cultural landmark through the power of technology

A new initiative “Gateway to the Future” aims to make culture more accessible and engage in the age of metaverse

Global technology company HONOR today announced Gateway to the Future, an initiative to enrich cultural heritage through the power of technology. During the keynote for IFA 2022, HONOR challenged two well-known artists to photograph Moated Castle, a landmark of Hamburg’s Speicherstadt. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, using Augmented Reality (AR) With the growing interest in metaverse and the growth of mixed tourism, the project aims to inspire creative talent from around the world to explore innovations such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality and the use of spatial sound to connect communities with culture in more inclusive ways and support the global tourism boom Where the world opens up to the connected future.

“As a global technology company, HONOR is committed to developing smart device technologies that enable people to celebrate and experience cultural treasures from the past while exploring the possibilities of the future,” he said. George Chow, CEO of HONOR Device Co, Ltd. “We anticipate using augmented reality and artificial intelligence technologies to create more mind-blowing experiences for smartphone users around the world, thus contributing to the boom in mixed tourism. In addition to tourism, this technology can benefit a range of other industries and societies. It truly is a ‘gateway to the future'” .

Honoring the Cultural Heritage of Metaverse

Known as Germany’s gateway to the world, Hamburg has developed from a port city into a thriving metropolis committed to a long-standing culture of community, collaboration and innovation. Inspired by the city’s history of transformation, HONOR chose Hamburg as the project site pilot to contribute to the flourishing of digital culture and inspire people from all over the world to rediscover the cultural treasures of the Metaverse region.

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To bring the project to life, HONOR has teamed up with ARLOOPA, an AR and VR developer, and famous artists Yunuene and Timo Helgert, who have creatively transformed the iconic castle building into AR.

Yunwin’s contribution to Gateway to the Future titled “Sailing Through Time” pays homage to the development of the city’s port and shows how innovation in maritime logistics has evolved over time thanks to Timo Hilgert’s distinctive visual aesthetic. Cities are the greenest in the world and creatively imagine how the castle moat will look in the green future, in which beautiful plants and endangered species can thrive, transferring this historical landmark to another world.

Unleash immersive experiences through the power of artificial intelligence and augmented reality

Through this experience, HONOR is also contributing to mixed tourism, an emerging trend after the global tourism boom, where travelers expect digital advances made during the pandemic to benefit and complement physical travel experiences. AR experiences in a moated castle bring the digital and physical worlds together, allowing travelers to experience culture in a whole new way. HONOR has continuously invested in technologies such as AI space recognition, spatial audio, and augmented reality to enable enhanced immersive experiences fit for the digital revolution.

“Speicherstadt was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2015 to protect and preserve the history and culture of one of the world’s largest trading ports. Thanks to new technologies such as augmented reality, it is now possible to bring cultural heritage closer to future generations in new and exciting ways. We are therefore proud to be able to support The HONOR initiative “Gateway to the Future”, which celebrates not only the importance of the region for Germany, but also its exciting future as a global city”, says Bernd Polwitz, President of UNESCO World Heritage Hamburg.

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“It is great to see brands like HONOR bringing new and exciting experiences to people as they begin to explore the world again as tourism has reached new heights after years of global shutdown. This summer, our city once again saw the same level of visitors as the summer of 2019, due In part to the new interactive cultural attractions made possible by technology.Inspired by Hamburg’s position as a gateway to the world, we are very pleased to partner with the “Gateway to the Future” initiative, which will enable visitors and hamburgers alike to learn about the UNESCO World Heritage site “Warehouse District” In a more intense way.We are seeing strong demand for hybrid experiences, as travelers increasingly expect a virtual layer for their interactions with cultural attractions.Guido Neumann, Head of Public Relations at Tourismuszentrale Hamburg commented, “This is the time to harness the power of technology in tourism to create magical experiences.” for tourists around the world.

Rediscover your community with HONOR Talents

Launched as part of the HONOR Talents Global Design Awards, Gateway to the Future aims to inspire creative talent from around the world to harness technology and reshape their own communities in the age of the metaverse. A category for interactive artwork AR It now accepts digital artwork applications that transform local neighborhoods, including digital overlays of buildings, walls, parks and other public spaces. Interested artists can learn more about the competition here: https://www.hihonor.com/honor-talents/ar. In addition to the augmented reality experience “Gateway to the Future”, HONOR has partnered with the Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) in China to create a new augmented reality artwork titled “INFINITY”. Artwork is available at HONOR’s IFA booth via the ARLOOPA app.

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Augmented reality experiences live now

“Gateway to the Future” augmented reality experiences are available from today until the end of the year via the dedicated HONOR page in the free downloadable ARLOOPA app. Users have the opportunity to experience AR artwork on site in Hamburg or around the world. – The location experience is installed in Moated Castle and can be viewed from the Poggenmühlen Bridge, the bridge opposite the landmark. Users who are not in Hamburg can select “Experience on any surface” in the app and follow the onscreen instructions to experience a virtual augmented reality experience on a nearby flat surface[1].


HONOR is a global leader in smart devices. The company aims to become a global brand in technology, creating a new smart world for everyone through its powerful products and services. With a clear focus on research and development, the company is committed to developing technologies that enable people around the world to go beyond themselves and give them the freedom to achieve more. HONOR offers a range of high-quality smartphones, tablets, laptops and wearables to suit every budget. The range of innovative, high-quality and reliable products allow people to become a better version of themselves.

For more information about HONOR, please visit www.hihonor.com or by e-mail to [email protected]






[1] For the best experience, users are advised to use an ARCore or ARKit compatible smartphone.

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