March 21, 2023


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Book review on “When Animals Treat Goods”

Some of the pictures and stories may offend some readers; Maybe make a lot of people think. As does the end of the book: Expendables ends with the epilogue of exploratory photographer and filmmaker Ulla Lohmann, which puts the theme into a larger context. In Germany and Switzerland, animals are not considered legal entities, people own them and use them in different ways: to acquire food as well as involuntary listeners, comforters or companions.

Despite the many services, according to Lohmann, there is still often a lack of respect and gratitude toward animals. Instead, it actually happens again and again that animals are bought carelessly and then suffer, intentionally or unintentionally – not only in industrialized Western societies, to which “disposable goods” refer, but also in other countries such as China or Japan.

Affolter’s picture book may not be able to change the fact that this continues to happen and that responsibility for some animals rests with homes, sanctuaries, veterinarians, and other observant people. But it makes it difficult to commodify and forget Olaf, Bahati, and their suffering companions.

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