May 19, 2022


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Book review on "The Gift of Memory and the Art of Forgetting"

Book review on “The Gift of Memory and the Art of Forgetting”

Few diseases are associated with as great a concern as dementia. Dealing with the devastating disease is also discussed in novels and books, in a particularly poignant way in “Still Alice – My Life Without Saturday,” based on the novel of the same name by American neurologist Lisa Genova. Julianne Moore, who won an Academy Award for her lead role, plays brilliant linguist Alice, who suffers from an early form of Alzheimer’s disease in her early fifties. The film impressively describes her battle against forgetfulness, which the super-intelligent woman ultimately loses – like all Alzheimer’s patients. In her new non-fiction book, The Gift of Memory and the Art of Forgetting, Lisa Genova explains how our memory works and offers valuable advice on how to keep it functional.