June 28, 2022


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BMW iX: 1,000 km range thanks to new battery technology

US startup ONE and automaker BMW are working on a new prototype for the iX electric car. A mileage of 1,000 km is planned, which will be achieved using ONE batteries technology. The prototype is due to be completed this year.

This means that BMW could offer the iX with a really decent range boost for the foreseeable future, because so far the iX has only had a range of about 350 kilometres, depending on the model.

BMW has expanded research into new battery technologies with the help of startup Our Next Energy, ONE for a short time. ONE doubled the range of last year’s Tesla Model S with its Gemini trial battery pack. At that time, the modified Tesla managed to manage 1210 km at an average speed of 88 km / h. Now ONE has one with BMW Contract closed.

BMW iX: One battery to double the range of the iX electric SUV


Gemini battery technology is based on a high-density, dual-chemical battery. The principle of the Gemini battery pack is based on dividing the battery into two parts. The smaller portion of the battery focuses on energy density. It delivers large amounts of power to the wheels when needed and handles rapid charge cycles. ONE hasn’t revealed many details about the technology yet, only that it uses lithium, iron, phosphorous, oxygen and carbon. However, it is not intended to be a simple lithium iron phosphate (LFP) design. The second area of ​​the battery focuses on energy density and acts like a range extender for the high performance area. Lithium, manganese and oxygen are used there.

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However, the resulting beam also has its limitations: it is not suitable for permanent use of high power, so it can work effectively only up to a certain speed range in order to double the range. The iX prototype should be completed with a single battery by the end of this year.

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