February 6, 2023


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Blockchain technology is a game changer!

There is a high possibility that you are already using many apps on your smartphone. The application is short for application. Behind every application is an application program, which is an executable program that performs a somewhat useful function, but is not itself related to system functionality. In this way, the range of smartphone functions is greatly expanded. Most popular smartphone apps Germany It mainly deals with messaging (WhatsApp), information search and daily reports, weather forecasts, navigation, fitness and health, scheduling, notes or word processing.

But gaming and entertainment apps, using public transportation, protecting smartphones from viruses and loss or using mobile banking services are also increasingly being used, as the graphic above by the Bitkom Digital Association shows. You can find applications on centralized platforms such as the App Store at an Apple Or download “Play” from Google. In the crypto world, on the other hand, there are platforms for decentralized applications (dApps), and the most important platform is the Ethereum blockchain. This is why I always refer to Ethereum as the “crypto Apple”. dApps run decentralized on the blockchain and have a mechanism through which Digital currencies They can be generated in the form of tokens themselves.

My conclusion: the fight for cryptocurrency dApp stores has already begun

The mainstay of the future of coding lies in dApps: from creating NFTs to the metaverse. The race for cryptocurrency dApp stores is now on. In addition to Ethereum, other altcoins will benefit from this.

Blockchain technology is a game changer!

Blockchain bitcoinAnd Ethereum, NFTs and co. are game-changers, rule-breakers, new technology that will have a revolutionary impact on the world and they already have it today. Digitization and coding change everything. So grab the opportunity now and invest in the digitization and coding of Bitcoin, Ethereum, cryptocurrencies, NFTs, dApps, Blockchain, Metaverse and FinTechs!

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