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Black Shark 4 (Pro): Xiaomi will soon launch a new gaming phone

Black Shark 4 (Pro): Xiaomi will soon launch a new gaming phone

Xiaomi has announced two important events for the month of March. One of them should call a completely better model on the scene, because a new gaming smartphone with Black Shark 4 is waiting for us. In addition, an event will be held by Pogo one day. Both want to create two devices that are very interesting. The Poco X3 Pro and Black Shark 4 are expected. The latter is also confirmed.

Xiaomi Black Shark 4 and Poco X3 Pro: Powerhouse and Cheap Middle Class

Siomi has now announced two upcoming events. On March 23, the Black Shark 4 will be offered mostly, along with the new version of the manufacturer’s gaming mobile phone rights. A responsive AMOLED display of 144 Hz or higher, Snapdragon 888 and of course many gaming-related features are expected. Incidentally, two models of the series are suspected: a normal device and the Black Shark 4 Pro version.

The day before, on March 22, there is another party. A Pogo event is planned for this day, and the Pogo X3 Pro should also be a better fitted version Pogo X3 NFC has already been tested by us Are on the agenda. However, there is no really definitive information about the smartphone, isolated rumors. For example, the hitherto unreleased Snapdragon 860 processor is to be installed, which may be below the previous year’s chipset in terms of performance.

We really liked the Pogo X3 NFC in testing, which is significantly less expensive than devices with the same equipment. (Image: Siomi)

We are curious as to what features the manufacturer will come up with and, above all, the Pogo X3 Pro will end up based on price. Black Shark 4 then measures itself The recently launched Asus Rock Phone5. Both models are expected to hit the European market. Learn more about this on March 22nd and 23rd.

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