June 14, 2024


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Best 3D V-Cache for Zen 5?  Technology according to AMD is actively in development

Best 3D V-Cache for Zen 5? Technology according to AMD is actively in development

AMD 3D V-Cache models, especially the Ryzen 7 7800X3D, have impressed in the past with good gaming performance and commendable efficiency. When the Zen 5 architecture was introduced, there was correspondingly high expectation that it would include models with the abbreviation “X3D.” However, this has not been the case so far. However, there is now official confirmation that a successor to this technology is in the works.

3D V-Cache in the next generation

Like a portal Computer players As we learned in a personal conversation with Senior Technical Marketing Manager Donnie Wolegroski, work is currently underway to improve the technology. Wolygroski did not want to say which direction these changes would go. However, he made it clear that they did not want to rest on the laurels of the previous construction method, but would rather develop the technology further. The process is really exciting, which is why he's excited to talk to people about it.

One obvious way to improve performance is to split the 3D cache between both chipsets, increasing its size to 128MB. The engineering sample was already one last month Ryzen 9 7950X3D appeared, which had these modifications as well. However, as with any leak, there is a possibility of tampering or error resulting in an incorrect display of the user's system data. However, AMD has already trialled samples with dual 3D V-shaped cache.

Release period is uncertain

But we can wait a little longer until there is an actual release. When the Zen 4 was unveiled in August 2022, the first X3D model followed six months later. In addition, it is not yet certain to what extent these improvements will be integrated into the 9000 series. It is possible that the next major development phase will only be used in subsequent CPU architectures.

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