December 2, 2023


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Before his release After his release

Before his release After his release

Spica Verlag GmbH

After Caroline Srugges debuted in crime, we also wanted to know from her why her crime novel “Tod am Wockersee” was published.

What happens after the first publication after the first reading? I have also been asked this question. The answer to that:

As an author, you spend months or, in my case, years writing a crime novel. You sit quietly in your closet, thinking, researching, and writing to yourself. Uncensored and uncritical, hoping to describe everything correctly. Ah, yes, search … sometimes help is needed; The Internet cannot answer all questions. When I asked for help, I received mixed responses. From the icy silence to the pleasant contacts via email or phone calls, it was all there. After a long period of work, SPICA Verlag published my regional thriller “Tod am Wockersee” in March. Suddenly my book became visible. A few days later, the first reader reached out to me via Instagram.

Nothing beats an author getting a great review and order for a second volume. Then came what I dreaded: the first email containing the criticism. About my homepage A reader, a teacher, found me and pointed out two errors regarding the Mecklenburg school system in 1991. Those flaws weren’t great and the plot didn’t matter, but the mistake is wrong. After I took a deep breath, I naturally responded and thanked them. This correspondence turned into a pleasant exchange of mail. Not only did we realize that our grandparents were neighbours, I found a new source of information in the teacher. If I have more questions about the school system, I know who to contact. Fatal errors will be removed in the second version. a promise.

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