March 25, 2023


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Battlefield 6 Leak reveals its first look at a demo before unveiling the game

new Battlefield 6 A leak has reportedly revealed the highlight in the game’s reveal announcement battlefield Fans with their first real look at the new battlefield The Game: The leak comes in the form of two clips from a trailer verified by a VIP battlefield The inside is leaked, but unfortunately both are somewhat lousy and both are not revealing of great significance.

One of the photos shows a large island that appears to be a huge storm in the distance. Of course, the implication here is Battle Royale mode, but the island’s design suggests otherwise. It looks like it’s just a big map.

The other image is from the player’s perspective and shows the cockpit and a huge missile preparing for launch. If you look at the first photo, you’ll find a structure in the northeast corner that appears to match the location of this missile, but it’s just speculation for now.

At the time of publication, images can be viewed HereBut that may change when EA and DICE realize that a portion of the trailer has leaked online and try to clean up those footage from the Internet. In the meantime, treat this leak with as much caution as any other unofficial media outlet. He said that, as mentioned, is important battlefield Insider and leaker, Tom Henderson, verified that the photos were real.

“I will not retweet or share for obvious reasons … but yes, both battlefield The photos leaked in the past hour are real. ” Twitter. “It is possible that the images captured on the screen were captured by zooming in / out or something like that, which is the reason for the poor quality.”

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EA and DICE still have to fix the leak, and we don’t expect that to change. However, if one or both of them happen, we will update the story accordingly.

Although this is not our first look at the game, it is our first look at the game since it was announced at E3 2020. Most importantly, this is our first look at the game. At the time of the announcement, EA and DICE showed some alternate footage of the engine, but none from the actual game. It should be noted, however, that it is not clear if the images above indicate what the game is like, as it is unclear if the trailer is footage from the game or not. Unfortunately, the visuals are also blurry, so even if the trailer is game footage – or game footage – the visuals are still blurry in the visuals for the upcoming game.