August 19, 2022


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Band Breakup: Kemet's Sons Break Up

Band Breakup: Kemet’s Sons Break Up

British jazz band Sons Of Kemet have released four albums since their founding in 2011. Their current album BLACK TO THE FUTURE was released in May 2021. ME author Frank Swatsky awarded 5.5 out of six potential stars and summed up his impression in his review as follows: “Shabaka Hutching The current protests and lawsuits of African Americans are changing society into great jazz that goes far beyond jazz. How fun it was when Sons Of Kemet announced a tour of Germany in September 2021, presented by Musikexpress. And how unfortunate it was canceled This tour is in January.

Now it’s getting worse: The band announced their upcoming breakup on Instagram on Thursday. Concerts still planned will continue, but it’s the last chance to experience Kimmitt’s Sons live. Next, they want to close their band’s life chapter for the foreseeable future.

Read the original statement here:

Kemet’s Sons: drummer Tom Skinner continues with a smile

Recently, a member of the Sons of Kemet made headlines with another band: drummer Tom Skinner is part of The Smile band, which also consists of Radiohead vocalist Thom Yorke and Radiohead guitarist Jonny Greenwood. Their debut album, A LIGHT FOR ATTRACTING ATTENTION, was released on May 13, 2022 via XL Records – initially only digitally. Vinyl and CD releases will follow on June 17th. The 13-song recording was produced by Radiohead producer Nigel Goodrich and perfected by Bob Ludwig. The recordings were accompanied by chords from the London Contemporary Orchestra and a full horn section featuring contemporary British jazz musicians including Byron, Allen, Theon, Nathaniel Cross, Chelsea Carmichael, Robert Stillman and Jason Yared. Watch the video for her single “Thin Thing” here.

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