August 7, 2022


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Bamberg ODEON Presents ‘Last Tacheles’ (2020)

The commemorative film on the consequences of National Socialism, nominated for the German Documentary Film Prize 2021, will travel to the halls of the Odeon Cinemas. Funded by the “Live Democracy!” In Bamberg County, interested parties will receive free entry to the event on August 21, 2021.

In 2020, the documentary celebrated its world premiere at DOK.fest Munich with great success. “A Journey into the Family’s Deep Wounds. An important film about how pain is passed down through generations.” For example, Bayerischer Rundfunk review. This is what it’s about:

Yar is a young Jew from Berlin who dreams of becoming a game designer. He has nothing in common with Judaism except the sacrifices that allowed themselves to descend into pogrom. He accuses his father of suffering from the Holocaust, which he did not experience himself. Yar wants to develop a computer game of rebellion: “The Holocaust. When God slept.”

In the Germany he created around 1940, the Jews could defend themselves, and the Nazis could act humanely. Yar’s father is shocked. Among his friends, Sarah and Marcel, he found comrades-in-arms to develop his own computer game. Yar makes his grandmother Rina a role model for the Jewish youth of the game. Your opponent, an SS officer, is inspired by a true ancestor of Marcel. All three agree: the old roles of perpetrators and victims stand in their way, and the past must finally come to an end!

Together they travel to Rina’s hometown, Krakow, where Yar discovers a family secret. The game gets serious. The three friends realize the connection of the events of the past to them – as the grandchildren of the victims and perpetrators of that time. A painful confrontation begins with one’s own story, which also changes the relationship between father and son.

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ENDLICH TACHELES shows how trauma is eating the third generation of survivors and asks a very objective question from the perspective of a 21-year-old:

“What does the Holocaust have to do with me today?”

The film was presented by the Partnership for Democracy in the Bamberg Region as part of the federal program “Live Democracy!” managed.

On August 21, 2021, from 6:30 p.m., the film will be shown in both Odeon cinemas. After that, there is the possibility to discuss with the directors and the protagonist and enter into a live exchange. Free tickets are now available at Odeon Kino Bamberg – only while stocks last.

You can find more information at: www.demo kra tie -leben -ist .de

Information on “Live Democracy!” In the Bamberg region

Bamberg County participates in the federal program “Live Democracy!” Since the beginning of 2019. The program focuses on democracy education, participation in societies, diversity, teamwork, social integration, and the promotion of a democratic society. For this reason, funds are available in the region for projects and initiatives that are active or want to become active in this regard. The aim is to make children and young people in particular aware of right-wing, anti-Semitic or racist activities as well as other anti-democratic phenomena and the rule of law, and give them the opportunity to actively shape democracy.

iSo – Innovative Sozialarbeit is the advisory coordination and specialist office for the Bamberg region.