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Aurachain and Sword Middle East, a subsidiary of the Sword Group, is working on…

Orachin. sword group

London, Zurich and Dubai, United Arab Emirates, April 10 /PRNewswire/

Aurachain’s low-token platform will partner with technology transformation experts to help leading companies in the Middle East achieve cost-effective operations through process automation.

orationa low-code software development platform, partnered with technology transformation professionals, sword groupThey joined forces to deliver highly effective process automation solutions to business organizations in the Middle East. After a series of successful deployments in Europe, the new partnership expands Aurachain’s presence in the Middle East, where its powerful low-code platform will be made available to a growing number of leading organizations in the region.

The initial focus of the partnership is to leverage the speed and API connectivity of the low-code Aurachain platform to provide Sword clients in the Middle East in the banking, healthcare, transportation, and government sectors the most cost-effective first and second line cost. Maintenance (FLM and SLM).

Sword Middle East will continue to build on its strong track record of helping its clients increase productivity, improve user experience and improve costs through digital transformation strategies and digitization of operations. Aurachain’s low-code platform enables Sword Group to accelerate the delivery of enterprise-grade process automation applications to its customers, where business-critical solutions can be built and deployed in a time frame of days or weeks.

“There is a growing need to digitize processes and transformation across the Middle East and around the world, with the demand for seamless digital experiences more than ever before,” Adela Wiener, CEO of Aurachain . said:. “This partnership will help Sword Middle East clients access the best in-class, low-token enterprise development platform so that they can accelerate the delivery of critical solutions and achieve greater success in their digital transformation projects.”

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“At Sword Middle East, we help our clients become more successful by introducing them to new technologies,” says Colombo Fasano, Business Unit Manager at Sword Dubai. “This new partnership makes low-code development technology a powerful addition to our already impressive offering. Aurachain has been a great fit for us from day one, and the experience, dedication, and robust product they’ve built will help our customers quickly build scalable software to drive efficiency.”

Information about Sword Group

Sword is a leading data insights, digital transformation and technology services company with an excellent reputation for software development, complex IT, and mission-critical business projects and operations with over 2,500 technology, digital, and software professionals on five continents to help you grow your business. in the digital age.

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Aurachain enables companies to rapidly develop digital operations applications through a powerful, low-code platform. Streamlined workflows and exceptional interfaces directly leverage the expertise of dedicated experts, business analysts, and professional developers to create real business value from day one. Businesses and governments alike use Aurachain to shorten development times, streamline business processes, and accelerate innovation.

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