May 19, 2022


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AU Optronics showcases a 480Hz panel with TN . technology

from Maurice Ribling
In Show Week 2022, AU Optronics gave an overview of upcoming products. Among them were two display panels with a refresh rate of 480 Hz. Two variables are initially considered.

In search of faster panels for screens, Taiwanese company AU Optronics has introduced the next next stage in its product lineup as part of the current show week 2022. Specifically, the curtain is being dropped on upcoming products with a refresh rate of 480Hz, which are planned with a significantly more compact screen Diagonal and common desktop format.

A 16″ and 24″ board is planned. The latter ends up in common monitors, while the built-in variant is intended for use in gaming laptops. However, compromises have to be made in the panel technology, which is TN. In the end, colors and viewing angles are unfavorable. The resolution of both products is specified as 1,920 x 1,080 pixels, that is, Full HD. Ultimately, boards should primarily address players in the competitive and professional landscape.

The first glimpses of the mentioned products can be seen in the included video. However, in and out of this, AU Optronics doesn’t go into much detail when it comes to other key technical data. Regardless of the resolution, size and diagonal of the screen, only a more or less perceptible indication of response time is given, which should be less than 1 millisecond in the case of a 24-inch panel, while the 16-inch variant is even higher.

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With the current presentation, AU Optronics shows above all else that it is clearly within its own time frame. Last year, the company announced plans to match products with 480Hz and Full HD resolution, which are scheduled to go into mass production in 2022. The competition is also working on panels with these specifications. LG announced the expected start of mass production of its products in the fourth quarter of this year in 2021 in the same period.

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