March 29, 2023


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At UNESCO, K-pop culture is at the heart of an exceptional immersive exhibition معرض

Until July 16, UNESCO Headquarters in Paris will host the immersive exhibition “Korea. Cubing Imagination”. Through technological installations, the foundation invites visitors to discover a selection of artists and key works of K-pop culture, including boy band BTS, director Bong Joon-ho’s Parasite and the National Museum of Korea.

In this year 2021, designated by the United Nations as the “International Year of the Creative Economy”, the UNESCO House (Paris, 7th arrondissement) highlights contemporary South Korean creativity through “Korea”. Cubing Fantasy.” With superstars like boy group BTS and the movie parasite (2019) Produced by Bong Joon-ho and impressive immersive digital works, the exhibition immerses visitors until July 16th in new technologies as UNESCO Headquarters reopens to the public. At the end of the event, it will continue then On-line, Allowing those and those who did not have the opportunity to go to Paris this week can also take advantage of it.

Korean cultural wave ambassadors

While BTS just revealed their new song (which is now ringing in fans’ headphones), the group is also one of the stars of the show organized by the Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, in cooperation with UNESCO and the government agency. Coca. Choosing a boy band to make the headlines wasn’t the result of chance: “” They are cultural influencers and influencers “,” explains Daniel Kapelian, the show’s producer, who worked on it especially tree of light at the Mobilier National during Fiac 2019. In 2020, a group K-pop Throw Connect BTS, A project that promotes art and culture. Thus, artists presented and invited museums and works fan base (Author of more than 100 million people) Interested in art. in Korea. Cubically imagined ‘is a miniature BTS concert presented to the public: From backstage to video shoots, including performances on stage, Extended Reality (XR) offers connected visitors a 360-degree experience (to rediscover) DNA And the anesthetic, which are symbolic titles of the musical group, introducing them to new techniques. Because the exhibition pop up, as described by Daniel Kapelian, consists of three main themes: the Korean cultural wave, represented by BTS, and the film. parasite (2019), the country’s traditional heritage, with immersive work from the National Museum of Korea and K’Arts At, and iconic immersive content from creators who blend art and cutting-edge technology.

Immerse yourself in cult scenes from the movie Parasite at the “Korea. Cubing Imagination.” © d

Among the most attractive experiences, parasite, un court métrage en VR réalisé par Bryan Ku du EVR Studio à partir de l’uvre de Bong Joon-ho, premier film coréen récompensé de la Palme d’or au Festival de Cannes, ravira les cinéphiles et afficionados du thriller social à l ‘Stick kidding.’ After being immersed in the scene of a devastating thunderstorm, which heavily emphasizes social inequalities in Korean society, the viewer armed with a VR headset is transported to the basement of the house to recreate an iconic scene, all with music. The film in the ears.

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Icons of traditional Korean art and culture turned into immersive content

After this exhilarating experience, visitors are invited to walk around the Miró Room and the Bas Perdus Room to follow The royal procession of the people And the Climbing Mount Kumgang Thanks to a bright mural from The National Museum of Korea Which recreates the events of the royal family during the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1897) thanks to 3D-reproduced archival images to bring to life the 2,000 characters of the procession who dance, live and follow in the footsteps of King Jeongjong to music by Yng Bang ean. Then, the four seasons at Mount Geumgang are highlighted with a panorama of painting albums from the late Joseon period (17th-19th centuries).

Enjoy digital panoramas of the National Museum of Korea.  © d

Enjoy digital panoramas of the National Museum of Korea. © d

Meanwhile, designers of the strict set have offered a glimpse into their massive works of sound and light on display at the Jeju Island Museum of Art with its luminous mural. Eternal nature « A media artwork that seeks to make one feel the immortality of nature outside time and space ‘,” outlines the exhibition’s press release. From July 16, hm mysterious Visible at UNESCO will occupy the screens of Time Square in New York (USA). In terms of new technologies, Vive Studios . offers Brave New World A short film produced using Vivestudios Immersive Technology (VIT), which allows the film to be shot in front of an LED wall and give the impression that it is in a real setting.

Image du film The Brave New World de Vive Studios.  © d

Image du film The Brave New World de Vive Studios. © d

A new form of art

Finally, visitors will be able to interact withHRV . scarecrow From K’Arts At, Korea National University’s College of Art Laboratory of Arts and Technology, an interactive show that caused a stir last year at the 36th Sundance Film Festival, or still discovers the work of the Tacit Group linking sounds and images with Hangul, korean alphabet for making algorithmic art.

Taset uses Hangeul, the Korean alphabet, to make arithmetic art.  © d

Taset uses Hangeul, the Korean alphabet, to make arithmetic art. © d

More or less impressive, these immersive experiences show the new dimensions of augmented reality, virtual reality and artificial intelligence at the service of cultural diversity in the peaceful land of morning. In the age of the Covid-19 health crisis, these technologies offer an alternative to museums and performances, which have often found themselves dormant since the beginning of the pandemic, and a new form of art, between past and future, tradition, science, plastic and digital arts.

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