July 1, 2022


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Asus launched a new chassis fan

Asus’ new high-performance 120mm cooling system should be particularly quiet and offer a number of tuning options for RGB lighting. All information about the new Asus fan can be found in the article.

Fully customizable RGB lighting:

The TF120 case fan provides a high-quality dual-layer LED array, which, unlike other fans with RGB functionality, evenly distributes light through each fan blade.

With a dual-layer LED structure, the lights are not only displayed with their best features, but can also be individually adjusted according to your own wishes. Not only can the color of the light be changed, but the effect can also be changed.

In order to be able to play advanced lighting effects, you need a TUF Gaming ARGB Controller. This is only available in a pack of three, with the TF120 ARGB case fan.

The most important technical data and prices:

Max TF120 case fan installed air flow from 76 feet per minute Very little power, but at its maximum 29 dB(A) Especially loud and therefore quiet. proces noise isolation It has, among other things, 2 mm Anti-vibration pads Responsible in all four corners.

As promised, thank you fluid dynamic bearingA total of 250,000 hours of trouble-free operation. As the name suggests, the new fan from Asus is 120 mm in length.

with the PWM fan control You can adjust the fan power as you like and allow a control range of 250 up to full 1900 cycle. TF120 Compatible Hala Sink And in colors black And white can access.

You can get all the specifications that a fan has On the official website Read it again in peace.

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The 1 packageWith just one fan, you get it 15.90 €. to 49.90 € You can have it 3 packsfor ARGB . Center Which is necessary for adjusting lighting effects and cannot be ordered individually.

Argp Center

Even if the new chassis fan is now officially available, ordering it is not so easy at the moment. For the prices just mentioned, the two packages can’t be found at the moment. We therefore advise you to wait a few more days before placing your order.

If you don’t want to wait and will also invest a little more, here (https://www.cyberport.de/gaming/gaming-verbindungen/asus/pdp/2d01-2kj/asus-tuf-gaming-tf120-argb-gehaeuseluefter-set-of-3-120-mm-pwm.html) look for it.