June 25, 2022


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ARK 2: New Trailer, Features and Release Information Revealed

Ark 2 will change everything greatly! New details about features, release and company Source: Studio Wildcard

Finally some Ark 2 news! After the first announcement of Studio Wildcard’s survival game at the Game Awards 2020, the project has been pretty quiet for a long time. There was an update on Sunday evening. At the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase 2022, Ark 2 was on the topic list.

In the new trailer, where the stunning visuals are once again presented, Vin Diesel was also part of the party. In Ark 2, he plays the character Santiago and plays alongside his daughter Meeka, played by actress Auli’i Cravalho. But also some very realistic dinosaurs caught the attention of viewers. If the graphics of the game’s trailer are adopted in a similar way, we can look forward to real fun here.

From family dramas to giant dinosaurs

“You wake up in a primitive world full of dinosaurs and humans fighting for supremacy, and you must team up with legendary heroes to take on the forces of darkness. Saddle up and enjoy the ultimate next-generation survival experience with Ark 2!” – Studio Wildcard

With these words, Studio Wildcard describes the Ark 2 open-world survival sequel, which is slated for release in 2023. This ARK 2 release schedule is not surprising, but at least a period of time that you can now adapt to as a waiting fan. Of course we would have liked a little more accuracy here, but we still have to wait patiently for the deadline.

Ark 2 tells the story of Santiago and his daughter Meeka, who explore betrayals, false promises, and the power of family bonds, as described by Jeremy Stiglitz and Jesse Rabczak, co-founders of Ark and Studio Wildcard. Of course, the wonderful and huge dinosaurs are not neglected either.

That changes in ARK 2 – New Features

In addition to the plot of the mentioned characters, you are writing your own story in the continuous game world, as befits an open world survival adventure. Speaking of the game world: As Stieglitz and Rapczak explained, Ark 2 wants to improve not only the structure and narrative of the world, but all the other elements that make up a true ARK game.

According to the current blog post, this also includes the basic game mechanics. Ark 2 is played exclusively from a third-person perspective, and the controls and movements have been completely redesigned for both creatures and player characters. In terms of movement, the focus was on Assassin’s Creed and Breath of the Wild, and in Ark 2 you should be able to cross obstacles more realistically and freely in the future.

Battles are like souls

Combat is also significantly different. There is also a comparison here. Focusing on dribbling, blocks, light and heavy attacks, combos, and player reactions in confrontations, it has drawn inspiration from the many Souls-like titles. This design is rare in this type of PvP survival game.

Dino Battle Rethink: Of course you can also ride dinosaurs in Ark 2 and fight with them. Contrary to what was mentioned in the first part, attacks of primitive beings should not “pass through” the target, but actually cause a collision. Representing the effects of blows in turn will be more radical. Officials described “the victim’s flesh is shredded and the target is physically reacting to the strike at this point.”

world events

While discovering the big maps was already a real experience in Ark: Survival Evolved, Ark 2 should do better here. There are also many world events that you will encounter again and again. These recurring and dynamic events and events include gathering of dinosaurs at watering holes, finding infected specimens, raiding herds, finding dens where mother animals nurture their offspring, and much more.

These events are called “Dynamic Procedural Scenarios” in Ark 2 and also animate the game world. Those who defend endangered creatures against attackers, for example, must earn their trust. Those who can interpret the signals can also track advanced loot via another type of this feature.

Aratai, crafting, building

The modified mechanisms do not stop there. In the game, the new enemy faction of Aratai appears, who even tamed the dinosaurs themselves. But the management of your creatures will also be designed differently from Part 1. Another topic devoted extensively is crafting. The way you craft items in Ark 2 will vary greatly, allowing you to choose from millions of different combinations to customize exactly how your gear will look and function in the end. These are great promises to look forward to.

Anyone who hasn’t used any mods in Ark 1 is sure to have stumbled across one or the other trap and ugliness in the build menu at one time or another. The developers also realize that the build in Ark 1 wasn’t perfect. Accordingly, this area is also being revised and should offer not only new building options, but also the ability to save and share build templates.

Ark 2 mod support

Last but not least, mod support is of course also a very important part of Ark 2. After all, a large part of the active Ark community depends on the modders and users of these mods. Later some maps created by modifiers were officially included in the Ark Maps portfolio.

Mods should also be an important topic in Ark 2. As the officials announced, some kind of revolution is supposed to happen here. It is also said that user-created mods are available in Ark 2 on unofficial servers as well as for the Xbox version of the game. Official mod support is also available from mod.io.

If you like, you can create mods for Ark 2 on PC and then upload them to the cloud to make them available to all players from there – whether on PC or Xbox. Just like in Ark 1, you can use mods in Ark 2 to change almost everything in the game. From creatures, game modes and maps to weapons and items to game mechanics. Even first person mode can be restored via mode. The reason why this option is not offered by the house is not explained in detail.

With the power of the Unreal Engine 5 on which Ark 2 depends, the only limit is the creativity of the creators themselves.

ARC 2 Trailer

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Ark 2 on Steam: Wishlist and more

Ark 2 now has its own landing page on Steam. There you can actually read some details about the game, see the pictures and add it to your wishlist.

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