November 30, 2021


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Archvale, a hybrid of RPG and Bullet Hell, will be released on December 2 for modification.

Archvale, a hybrid of RPG and Bullet Hell, will be released on December 2 for modification.

With the new 10 minute video of Kamble, Humble Games and developer iOS have announced a release date. Archwell The game, which combines RPG and Bullet Hell for Switch, PC and Xbox One, will be released on the Nintendo console on December 2nd. Available through eShop In the amount of BRL 61.90.

The game on the store page is described as follows:

Take up arms in this RPG World “Bullet Hell”, defeat the evil forces of the immortal guards and embark on an adventure to reunite the world with the legendary Archwell.

Long ago, an evil and cruel king ruled the country and terrorized all who dared to stand against him. He and the legendary Archwell bow became the subject of generations of ghost stories and myths. All that is left for him is immortality; The king cursed immortally to live forever in his prisons.

Only you can defeat the immortals and remove the world from the dark shadow left by the king. Travel to different areas to upgrade your weapons and equipment, loot and building. In this way, you will achieve victory against the crowds of enemies waiting for you, which stands between you and the truth about the mythical arch for Archwell.

Key Features:
– Play your way. Enhance your character with badges, which allows you to create a version that suits your style of play.
– Proficiency is important. Skill-based “Bullet Hell” style combat will test your favorite weapons, requiring accuracy and speed to win.
– Build your arsenal. Build more than 200 weapons and armor with items collected from the environment and dead enemies.
– Explore the world. Enemy meetings and classic-inspired dungeons in a variety of contexts will take you through an ever-changing map where you can find unique and essential resources to complete your journey.
– Find out the truth. Discover the Dark Mysteries in your quest to discover the mythical world of Archwell.

Source: Nintendo is everything, Jamie Batman

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