May 26, 2022


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Arc Alchemist: New Intel GPUs in March

Arc Alchemist: New Intel GPUs in March

From Norman Wittkoff
Intel’s line of Arc Alchemist GPUs has been around for a long time, with laptops reportedly being introduced first.

Intel is holding a “New Phase of the Game” on March 30th at 5 PM CET Show Among the first discrete Arc Alchemist A graphics units for laptops, which according to Small Q&A teaser for advertising Offers up to twice the graphics performance compared to previous integrated graphics units, while “maintaining similar form factors”.

For comparison, a DG2-128EU-based Arc A370M paired with an Intel Core i7-12700H vs Intel Core i7-1280P with Iris Xe iGPU (96 EUs) was used in Metro Exodus under DX12 at Full HD, but with a 40W TDP for the overall system compared With a capacity of 28 watts. It is still unclear which other GPU models Intel will offer, but the A350M, presumably based on the same configuration, is still being discussed.

Meanwhile, desktop graphics cards for the first generation of Xe-HPG games are expected to be introduced in the second quarter, while workstations should be offered in the third quarter of 2022. The company also made it clear that priority has been given to the Mobile Arc series to first bring together all technologies Main (CPU, graphics, media, screen, I/O, etc.).

Arc Alchemist: New Intel GPUs are still out in March – mobile first


as rated The announcement “somewhat” notes that with the DG2 series, Intel is focusing more on the smallest “SOC2” Alchemist graphics chip (DG2-128-EU) and on the mobile sector – which in turn means that the larger Alchemist is more difficult to anticipate SoCs and desktop variants. own in large quantities.

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