December 6, 2021


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Apple will allow users to repair their own iPhones

Apple will allow users to repair their own iPhones

Apple has named its most closed ecosystem in terms of ‘hardware’ and ‘software’, an unexpected offer from a technology company that will allow its users to repair their own devices, it was announced on Wednesday.

Shop Realism, A so-called “self-service repair” will receive more than 200 replacement parts and tools used for common problems such as defective batteries or screens of the latest iPhone models (12 and 13), according to a report.

The Apple brand has long restricted repairs to technicians in its official stores – at the “Bar Genius” counter – and to some authorized dealers, but waiting times and prices are generally higher.

This characteristic of Apple and the deliberate obsolete accusations often generate criticism of the durability of their devices.

“We never thought we’d see that,” said iFixit on Twitter Site It is provided as a guide for repairing electronic devices.

Apple’s offer is “not perfect, but we’re glad to acknowledge what we’ll always know: everyone is smart enough to repair the iPhone,” he added.

The new service will be launched in the United States in early 2022, and will soon be included before reaching other countries Smartphones, Equipped with computers Chip M1, made by Apple.

“Customers are joined by more than 5,000 authorized suppliers and 2,800 independent repairmen, who have access to replacement parts, tools and manuals,” the technology company wrote.

Apple CEO Jeff Williams recalls that “over the past three years, Apple has almost doubled the number of service points with access to parts.”

The decision comes at a time when Apple is being criticized by companies and officials for its close control over its physical and intangible ecosystem. Compatibility issues with other brands’ devices, for example, strongly encourage consumers to stay within the Apple brand.

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