July 1, 2022


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Apple wants to position the new M-Macs as a gaming platform

Yesterday’s WWDC 2022 didn’t really offer any surprises, only the brand new CarPlay was a surprise to me. But there was one thing that I found relatively interesting: Apple introduced an AAA game for macOS during the keynote.

We’ll see Capcom’s Resident Evil Village soon, and EA’s GRID Legends and No Man’s Sky are also planned for later this year. And since it’s been optimized for the M chips, we’ll see it on iPads as well.


Apple puts Macs for AAA games

In the press release for the new release of macOS, Apple talks about “AAA games” and an “immersive gaming experience” on Macs. Macs are famous for just about everything, but not for being good gaming PCs.

That could change with the M series, as Apple is actively promoting AAA games and with Switch consoles, all major gamers’ shared consoles will be supported in the future. Apple could be one of those, and the possibilities are there.

Imagine an Apple TV with an M2 chip, which I think costs 100 euros more than the current model and is widely marketed by Apple. Add a good console and you will have a very powerful console in one fell swoop.

Apple Arcade is also an example, but after the launch it has developed rather modestly and has more potential. In a way, Apple always shows some interest in gaming, but it doesn’t go into the big offensive either.

If that doesn’t change, the M platform won’t be Apple’s gaming platform either, no matter how convenient it may be. WWDC may also have been a turning point, but three well-known (and sometimes old) games aren’t enough.