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Apple Spring Important Note: Leaked Date for New Apple Products | 03/17/21

Apple’s spring key note is coming

23 March 23 is speculated as a date
Are T airtights coming?

Apple fans and investors will not have to wait long for the company to deliver new hardware. The new Apple products will be unveiled to the public later this month.

Apple event on March 23?

As usual, technology company Apple does not look at cards for its own projects. The official date for the annual spring keynote address has not yet been announced by the committee. However, an unofficial date seems to be coming out, with various sources setting March 23 as the presentation date.

Apple Liquor Cong announced on Twitter that the new Apple event will take place on the same day as the product launch of the luxury OnePlus 9 smartphone from OnePlus.

The usual well-known Apple leak confirmed the appointment to the short news service by tweeting John Fraser’s number “23”:

But that’s not all, Fraser immediately followed, which Apple fans can look forward to Apple’s spring keynote address. Accordingly, he learned from reliable sources that Apple products AirTax, iPod Pro, Airboats and Apple TV are ready:

What Apple might offer

In fact, according to experts, Apple is more likely to officially launch its new AirDacs. Fans have been waiting for months for the introduction of tracker chips, which can track the wrong locations. Additional devices must work with Bluetooth, and many months ago affluent viewers discovered the first traces of AirDex in beta versions of the Apple operating system.

Even the technological update of the iPod Pro should not come as a surprise to many viewers, after all, the company last did this a year ago.

Apple will probably be updating another successful product, the Airbnb. It remains to be seen whether only technological changes will be made here, or whether Apple will work on the design as well. After all, with Airports Pro, the company already has an expensive variant of wireless earbuds on the market, and they can be used as a design model for airports.

The update of the Apple TV has been delayed for a long time; Apple has not technically updated this for four years.

Although the exact date and product lineup for the event has not yet been confirmed, one thing seems certain: the presentation will not take place with invited guests. Like the keynote address in the fall, the new Apple event is likely to take place online. Apple may re-record the event and broadcast it on March 23rd.

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