November 29, 2022


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Apple Appeals Judgment - Changes in App Store may be delayed ›Macerkopf

Apple Appeals Judgment – Changes in App Store may be delayed ›Macerkopf

In the last few weeks and months, we have detailed information about the legal dispute between Apple and Epic Games Report. Epic Games has largely failed in its attempt to force Apple to allow third-party app stores on iOS. Responsible Judge Evon Gonzalez Rogers ruled that Apple should no longer allow developers to redirect users to external payment methods. As CNBC Reports say Apple is now appealing the ruling, which could delay such a change for years.

Apple appeals

Apple Corps has filed a lawsuit against Apple Computer in a lawsuit filed by Apple Computer on Friday, seeking to have it suspended. If Apple is successful in its application, the policy change will not take effect until the process is complete – according to CNBC, it could take several years.

Apple announced last month that developers have the option to redirect users to sign up for services outside the App Store. However, this change only applies to applications that provide subscription content for digital magazines, newspapers, books, audio, music and video. However, Judge Rogers’ order states that the change applies to all applications.

According to Apple, changes to the App Store rules will “disrupt the Apple Store’s balance between developers and customers and cause irreparable harm to Apple and consumers.” Apple says that will allow the company to protect its site.

As another factor in the appeal, Apple noted that Epic Games did not mention the anti-steering case, i.e. the ban on forwarding, there was no evidence that Epic Games was affected by this particular App Store rule.

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The appeal will go to court in November, while Apple has issued an order requiring Apple developer control to take effect on December 9, 2021.