November 26, 2022


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Apex Legends hacked due to Titanfall

Apex Legends hacked due to Titanfall

Oh Apex Legends It seems to have been the goal of a hack, and after the match, causes the players to get at least some weird news, “arrival and forward saving fall. com ”, and redirects players to a specific site.

This message was not sent to all players and was not made by Respon. On the contrary, a Hacker Apex took Legends as a symbol of the struggle against Respon Titanfall DDoS attacks can no longer be played on a computer.

The issue has been going on for almost two years and has been reported several times by Respon. In response, they have long announced that they will try to resolve the issue, but to date no solution has been found.

But this is not only the players who receive the message after playing a game in Apex Legends, the playlist has also been updated in a new mode called “SAVETITANFALL”. “TF1 under attack, as well as peak” with the slogan “COM”.

Titanfall issues lead hackers to attack Apex legends

Players are forced to play in this mode as the hacker has disabled all other modes of play in the game. The post-match message can be found here:

When it goes to “servitinfol”. com ”, you will see a message from a hacker about how Respon sells the game even though he knows it cannot be played, and encourages everyone to advertise this scenario on social media.
As of this writing, there has been no response from Respon, but it will be interesting to see how they defend themselves.

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