June 13, 2024


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Answer the survey and win a Nintendo Switch

Answer the survey and win a Nintendo Switch

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Sexism is an everyday problem, but does this also happen in the gaming world? We now need your support to search.

HAMBURG – Sexism is a ubiquitous topic that many people face constantly in their lives. But does sexism also occur in contexts like gaming? By participating in our survey, you can support our current research on this topic. Help us by sharing your experiences and impressions with us, which will be included in our report.

Sexism in gaming: How you can support us

what is he talking about? For many people, sexism is an issue that affects many different areas of life. We want to investigate whether and to what extent sexism also occurs in video games and their communities. According to studies, nearly half of the players now are women, but there are still reports of gender discrimination.

Chainsaws in the kids’ room – the 5 weirdest game controllers ever © Unsplash.com / Lorenzo Herrera

How can I be of assistance? About link Click here for our survey on the topic “Sexism in Gaming”, which can also be easily filled out via PC and any smartphone or tablet. We collect testimonials from different people in order to give those affected a voice during the preparation of the report and to draw attention to the issue. Player testimonials are especially important. The survey takes about 5 minutes.

Sexism in Gaming: Why Your Participation Matters

What does my participation bring? By participating, you are supporting our team in their research and sharing your experiences with us. Thus we can get valuable impressions in order to make a comprehensive report on this topic. Of course, you can remain completely anonymous if you wish, and no personal data will be collected as part of the survey. Thank you for your participation.

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How to enter the draw: As a thank you for your participation, ingame.de presents the Nintendo Switch Lite among all the entries. If you would like to participate in the sweepstakes, give us your email address in the last step of the survey, which we can use to contact you. The draw is random. The survey will run until September 10, 2023.