November 27, 2021


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Mensagens Android iMessage reações emojis

Android News translates iMessage reactions into emojis

With their own messaging systems, it is not easy for iOS and Android users to communicate openly. The biggest problem is in the reactions to messages that are found differently in each system.

There is a simple solution to this situation and Google is interfering in its application. Soon Android News will translate iMessage reactions into emojis, so everyone looks the same in any application.

The ability to react to messages is not new to Android. Google introduced this new feature in RCS in 2020 so that users can express themselves clearly in every message they receive without having to type anything.

This functionality already exists on iOS and iMessage, with the idea that these platforms can communicate. Unfortunately, this is not found, it translates to sending more messaging application than users expected.

This situation is changing and has already seen a change in the latest beta version, which is now extended to everyone. This allows the messaging app to accurately translate sent reactions.

Although these emojis are now available to show what iMessage users are sending in reaction, this translation is not entirely reliable. Many of these emojis are different from the ones sent, very close to what you expect.

Google wants to show the user that these emojis did not come from its message application and therefore created a simpler form. When you click on these reactions, a notification screen will appear saying "Translated from iPhone".

This improvement, Already expanded to everyone Android users, which further enhances the Google service. A simple translation now allows Message and iMessage users to communicate more efficiently and clearly.

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