May 31, 2023


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Android 13: It looks like your Chromebook can also make calls.

Android 13: It looks like your Chromebook can also make calls.

Android 13 is scheduled for release in the fall of 2022. As far as the new functions of the operating system are concerned, the US company Google is still far from the limelight. Chromebooks should be able to make calls using the new operating system, as it has now been discovered.

With a new commitment to Chromium, Gerrit has discovered a matching science in the code, according to tech blog Chrome Unboxed.

This might give the phone hub partition the ability to mirror the phone to the laptop. This should allow you to answer an incoming call or dial a number on your laptop. You should also be able to use your Chromebook to call someone from your phone book.

It is still not clear if the feature will be included in Android 13 and if it will only work with Google Pixel phones or also with other smartphones. We tell you which phones are most likely to get Android 13 via the update in the Android 13 update schedule.

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