January 25, 2022


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AndaSeat launched the Phantom 3 gaming chair

The world’s leading gaming chair brand AndaSeat, a former racing car seat maker and partner with popular sports and esports brands, today announced the launch of its newest gaming chair – the Phantom 3. The latest addition to its line of ergonomic gaming chairs from AndaSeat Initially available in the US for $299.99 on the AndaSeat website.

The new shaped flat seat surfaces on the Phantom 3 provide a spacious, comfortable seat surface that makes cross-legged sitting even more comfortable. The ergonomic backrest embraces the natural curve of the back and ensures that the sitter can perform at its best even when sitting for long periods of time. Developed with DuraXtra™ faux leather and EverSoft™ linens and with a revolutionary simple assembly system, the Phantom 3 Series delivers a first-class seating experience with absolute all-day comfort.

Unlike other traditional gaming chairs, the Andaseat Phantom 3 Series features a special modular MagClap design that can be easily assembled. Simply slide the seat backrest and clip the magnetic side covers on both sides. No tedious assembly with screws, no damaged side covers, just one person to complete the whole assembly process easily. Within minutes, the ultimate gaming and office chair will be ready to do battle with you!

the Andacet Phantom 3 Available in four colors and two surface materials – DuraXtra™ faux leather and EverSoft™ linen fabric. The faux leather is available in black, white and pink and is soft to the touch and resistant to scratches and stains. DuraXtra™ premium PVC leather is firmer so it retains its shape. The linen fabric insert is in ash and provides great ventilation to avoid back and back sweats. EverSoft™ is certified for legendary safety and durability.

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The “Comfort Tech” backrest allows the user to recline from 90° to 160° with a fully mechanical backrest, and the chair can be adjusted to suit the user’s preferences. You no longer have to strain yourself when you take a nap or want to watch your favorite show, you can simply rely on comfortable support. Sit at any angle and lock the seat in the perfect position.

60 kg/m3 of Re-Dense™ molded foam, the perfect combination of strength and resilience, is used to increase density, improve longevity and reduce seat sagging problem over time. Combined with a luxurious large lumbar pillow and a medium sized pillow that supports the lower back and keeps the spine in its natural alignment, this gaming chair prevents the user from bending while gaming or working for hours using the space between the back / neck and backrest is filled.

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