December 6, 2021


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Ancelotti: “The players are back well and we have to follow this good dynamic”

Newsletter. 11/20/2021

“The calendar is very crowded, there are many matches and injuries, which reduces the quality of football,” the coach said.

Carlo Ancelotti – Attending the telematic press conference to review the Granada match, corresponding to the fourteenth round of the tournament league (3:15pm PST), which will take place in Nuevo Los Carmenes: “We are used to this. The players are back well. I suppose we now have a very important and interesting period. The team is performing well, we are ready and hopefully we can keep The good dynamic we had before that break.”

“condition bale It was very clear before. He was discharged, appraised, later played and injured. Maybe the assessment wasn’t right and now we have to get the player back, because we want him and we think this season can be useful for our team, and we have to do things well so that he recovers quickly and can be with a team.”

Play for Madrid again
“Of course Bale, as a player from Wales, loves the national team, but he also wants to play for Real Madrid anyway. He wants to come back to play. You have to train well and play with us. That’s what he was trying to do when he was available.”

“He has his personality and we have to respect him. If you don’t want to use social media, you have to be very respectful. We will do our best together because it is not true that we are in conflict with him. We will try to get it back as soon as possible.”

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“This is not the first time we have played a lot of matches. Obviously a lot and everyone is protesting. The calendar is very busy. Players, clubs, coaches say … it has to change. The current dynamic in football is not good. We hope this changes and the change will make perfect sense. There are a lot of matches and injuries and the quality of football is low.”

“It is normal that we get to this stage of the season with a lot of matches. But I am happy because during this period we did not have many problems. Rodrigo Coming back, next week I think Valverde I will come back and hope to Danger Recovering from gastroenteritis. The team is good physically and I hope we perform well until Christmas, because we have very important matches. These are teams that will require a lot both physically and mentally.”

“Oh Danger It’s like all players who don’t play much. He is not happy and would be upset if he was happy now. He’s unlucky, has gastroenteritis and has to stay home for two or three days, and he won’t be available for tomorrow.”

heavy hand
“Everyone has his own way of leading. With all due respect, you can do as you please. I don’t think I have a heavy hand, for it is not in my style to be cruel. In my experience, I have never had cruel parents or teachers. I am not Sure even what it is, but all due respect to those who work this way.”

Play on Sunday in Grenada and travel on Tuesday
“If we had played on Saturday, we would have had less time to recover for the players who came back from the national teams. There is no problem playing tomorrow and we will be well prepared on Wednesday.”

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season balance
“After the last leg, the team improved and we tried to provide more continuity. We are confident and have good dynamics. We have to continue because we have important matches. We are fine at this stage of the season. I have a lot of faith and confidence, we will be fine until Christmas.”

Defensive aspects work through videos
“Videos are used a lot because we don’t have time to do some extensive work in this area. To Soldier, who arrived yesterday, I have to show videos of what he did well and what he didn’t. They are very short videos, 10-15 minutes, that my assistant prepares. They usually make an individual video of the player, not just about the defenders, and then we make a group video of the defensive and offensive aspects.”

Spanish Barcelona
“It will be an interesting match, I will watch. Xavi will bring new things to the team against which we will fight to the end, and if he introduces innovations, I want to be aware of them soon.”