October 24, 2021


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Amouranth avoue avoir envisagé de quitter Twitch suite à la récente polémique

Amorant mocks the tweet after being banned

In the midst of the surrounding controversy Torque Following the recent leak of several important data, Amurant Again banned from the stage.

Among his 4.4 million followers, Amurant is one of Twitz’s most followed streamers. However, this is one of the most controversial.

In fact, his behavior, often assessed as instructive, has given him many obstacles in his career. The young woman continues to be isolated, with many Internet users judging her as a symbol of the dominance of dominance on stage.

Amurant, Twitch

One of the most controversial streamers of Amurant Twitch

After a few months Large-scale controversy After his ban and the Indifox ban, Amorant was again banned from Twitch. The reason for the fifth ban is not yet known, leaving it doubtful whether his sentence this time will be more severe.

Amurant mocks the tweet after being banned again

On October 8, Amorant received its fifth suspension from the podium. While waiting for clarification as to why he got such permission, Amurand spoke about the recent failures by Twitch and Facebook.

“A little crazy when you think about it”, She said. “Like Instagram, there were issues with Facebook, I was banned. Twitch is being hacked, I am banned (…). There seems to be a connection between the two. Companies are rising up, igniting internally but ‘we still have time to ban amorous from both sites. This is very important. “

“You know, they don’t seem to like my ASMR session with the pigeon mask”, She continued. “Whatever I’ve been doing lately, I want to find it, but whatever it is, they don’t want it.”

Recent sanctions against Streamer have been minimal, keeping her out of the twist for only a few days. It remains to be seen if this time it will be.

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After all, Twitch often goes into a permanent hurdle, they have to let a streamer for the third time, so it’s the fifth …