September 16, 2021


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American Sausage Confrontation review: Ask for the salad

American Sausage Confrontation review: Ask for the salad

Starr (who starred in the TV series “Banshee” with Thompson) plays Mike Dunkworth McQuaid, Jones’ ex-partner who is tired of Asian Americans being humiliated and driven out of town. (These insults are detailed; the film’s ostentatious objection to such acts is largely tainted by the flair with which it was staged.) Instead, he forms an alliance with newcomer Edward, a connoisseur of German sausage and its traditions.

Ewen Bremner plays Edward, but his efforts, like those of actor Clark Middleton (who died last year) as an earthy and corrupt preacher, simply show that engagement doesn’t go far. What happens when Edward and the town’s reactionaries clash cannot be described as total delight, and the end product of this gritty film is mostly confusion.

American sausage dead end
unclassified. Duration: 1 hour and 47 minutes. Available in cinemas and to rent or buy at google appsAnd Visible and other streaming platforms and pay-TV operators.

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