October 24, 2021


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Amazon suspended more than 3,000 seller accounts and 600 Chinese brands

Amazon suspended more than 3,000 seller accounts and 600 Chinese brands

Amazon has permanently banned 600 Chinese brands and more than 3,000 retailers from its global markets. The US group has now confirmed it to the state-run China Central Television, As mentioned by t3n. To date, individual bans have been observed, for example, on products of the Aukey, Choetech and Mpow brands.

Brand retailers are said to have repeatedly tried to violate Amazon’s rating guidelines. “Affected brands are said to have boosted their rating profile with reviews that are paid for but not tagged as such. Buyers also received systematic promises of gifts or discounts if they left a positive review in return,” says t3n.

The initial actions of Amazon led to the fact that the brands simply wanted to sell their products under a new brand name. Amazon’s latest action is now permanent: the marketplace has deactivated merchant accounts. The company wants to continue to act consistently against appraisal fraud in the future – the severity of the measures is in the interest of customers and business partners who adhere to the rules.

Vodafone: The partners are said to have deceived customers

Network operator Vodafone has to incur a heavy fine because partner agencies are said to have deceived customers. As reported by Golem.deVodafone Franchise Partners exploited software vulnerabilities to book products without customer consent and charge commission for it. Obviously, victims of fraud also include older customers and people with severe disabilities.

Vodafone has introduced a system where customer data can be accessed without entering a password, the company has admitted. Vodafone itself has so far brought 15 criminal charges against sales partners, separated from ten partners and closed 53 stores. Affected customers have been contacted and discrepancies have been resolved.

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Facebook introduces new business tools

Facebook will According to Internet World Starting next year, so-called work accounts will be launched, which company employees can use to log into Facebook without having an account of their own. Different employees should be able to use Business Manager for a company profile without the need for a special account.

In addition, the platform also provides more options for interaction: in the future, companies will be able to select all the messaging platforms through which they want to access. Instagram posts can also be equipped with a WhatsApp button – so businesses can invite their Instagram fans to connect via WhatsApp. Later this year, Facebook also wants to introduce an inbox across apps so companies can monitor communications in one place.