October 24, 2021


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Amazon permanently banned 600 Chinese brands for fraudulent reviews

Amazon permanently banned 600 Chinese brands for fraudulent reviews

For no apparent reason, some brands offering electronics began to disappear from Amazon. Names like Akki, Embo and Rawpower, which are responsible for providing electronic gadgets, are examples that are no longer part of the site.

But now the mystery has been unraveled and Amazon has revealed that it has permanently banned 600 Chinese brands from violating its online sales police through fraudulent reviews.

Amazon bans 600 Chinese brands for violating online sales rules

According to information disclosed by Amazon to the site On the edge, The site has banned more than 600 Chinese brands in 3,000 different seller accounts. The reason is that these brands violated Amazon’s online sales policy by fraudulent reviews.

This information justifies the sudden disappearance from the site of some of the names of gadget providers such as Aki, Embo, Rawpower, Wawa, Theotronics and Sotech. But this is only a small part of what is to come.

The numbering of all brands took place after 5 months of ‘cleaning’. According to an Amazon spokesman, these 600 brands were banned for deliberately, repeatedly and significantly violating Amazon's policies regarding review rules.

This approach to the site began when companies like Rawpower began offering gift cards in exchange for ratings for their brand.

According to The Wall Street JournalThe company issued vouchers worth $ 35 (30 euros) for an appraisal of an item that Amazon sells directly.

Therefore, the purpose of these brands is to give the misconception that their products have positive reviews in the online store. This will lead to more people relying on the same products.

Read the full Amazon release:

Amazon strives to create a better experience in our store so that customers can shop with confidence and sellers have the opportunity to expand their business through healthy competition. Customers make reliable purchase decisions based on the accuracy and reliability of product reviews, and we have clear policies for critics and sales partners to prevent us from abusing our social resources. We suspend, prohibit and take legal action wherever there are violators of these policies.

We will improve detection of abuse and take enforcement action against perpetrators, including those who knowingly engage in repeated and repeated policy violations, including review malpractice. We believe that the actions we take are in the best interests of our customers and in the honest dealings that make up the majority of our global sales community.

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