June 28, 2022


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Amazon is downgrading the Echo Dot, Fire TV Stick & Co - Save up to 50 percent now!

Amazon is downgrading the Echo Dot, Fire TV Stick & Co – Save up to 50 percent now!

In addition to many branded products, Amazon’s Easter deals also include popular Amazon devices at low prices. Fire TV Stick, Echo Dot, and Kindle at up to 50 percent off. We offer the best deals.

Start the radio with Alexa, read an e-book on your Kindle, or use the Echo Show as a small TV in the kitchen: Amazon smart devices are especially popular and cheap at the current shopping event.

Today’s highlight is Echo Dot smart speakersAnd Which not only plays your favorite music, but can also read the news, for example.

We also recommend the . extension Fire TV Stick Lite For only 19.99 euros. It’s the cheapest streaming stick and a good choice if your TV doesn’t have 4K resolution. However, the remote control does not have any buttons to control the TV. Offers for it FireTV stickwhich also supports Dolby Atmos audio format.

Best Amazon Devices in Easter Deals

More Amazon devices at the best prices

Plus save more technology deals keep it up Live tape from t-online The best current deals at a glance!

The most important deal in detail: the Echo Dot in the fourth generation

The fourth-generation smart speaker integrates Alexa, the voice assistant, and answers questions on demand. With Alexa, you can also start radio stations, inquire about the weather or create a shopping list. Stream songs via Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, and other services.

Using skills, you can also expand the capabilities of the Echo Dot, for example with fitness tracking or gaming. Users with other smart devices can also control the lighting in the smart home via Alexa. This makes the mini speaker a real helper in everyday life.

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According to Amazon, data protection is always guaranteed: the retailer undertakes not to sell personal data to third parties. The device is also said to have several data protection and control measures at different levels, including a microphone off button.

This is why Echo Dot is a good choice

subordinate smart speakers The fourth generation is a very popular tool. It offers extensive functionality and real value for money, after all you only pay half the day!

Specials on Amazon Easter Deals: Audio subscription at low prices and warehouse deals

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