November 30, 2021


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Alice: At Ponnephone, digital technology is fostering a new care sector

The Bonnevon Clinic has changed its practices.

“Outpatient surgery is very good for certain procedures, but we noticed that it wasn’t ideal for hip or knee prostheses. We decided to change our practice”Dr. Xavier Nikolai, orthopedist points out. Olivier Puget, Director of the Bonnevon Clinic adds: “We have put the patient back at the center of the discussion, by reinforcing the actions of caregivers. So we have created a system of care that we want more quality.”

innovative care

The surgeon explains: “Every patient has different care needs. We don’t treat an elderly isolated at home in Seven Valley like a very young retiree who lives in the city. The goal is for the patient, once the procedure has to be done, to leave safe and in good shape from the facility. If he does not feel ready to leave, he can stay And take advantage of monitoring. And he found himself, still asleep, in the parking lot two hours after the intervention, which is not terrible. We have worked a lot in this way. Thanks to the health crisis and the postponement of operations we have revised our practices.”

The chain of excellence established by the clinic includes special care long before the operation. Dr. Ghai Aya is an anesthesiologist in contact with elderly patients. The doctor recommends anesthesia “Regional loco, which is more comfortable when you wake up than a general. You have to explain a lot, rest assured. To complete and enhance the patient’s comfort before the operation, we call astrology, hypnosis, and acupuncture, stress reduction. Alternative medicine is used more and more. It is also entrenched their scientific values, which are still experimental.”

With the aim of improving patient care, the clinic has invested in a virtual reality mask. It is an audiovisual system in which computer generated images and soft music are broadcast. “The patient can escape from the medical context and extricate himself from his reality”The anesthesiologist prescribes.

In 2021 we recruited 12 nurses despite the general context of the shortage, as our excellence segment requires a slightly higher volume of care

All of these interventions require more caregivers and investments. “We are left with a reduction in analgesic medications. Postoperative pain management is essential, Ponephone director notes. In 2021, we hired 12 nurses despite the general context of the shortage, as our sector of excellence requires a slightly higher volume of care.”

“A well-tried process is a gentle awakening, Dr. Nikolai confirms. Quick recovery is possible when you are not in pain. So we can process rehabilitation as quickly as possible. The results are positive in the short, medium and long term.”

Since the beginning of the school year, orthopedic surgeons have made use of augmented reality glasses, an innovative device for knee operations. “This optical system is an additional aid to the fitting of the prosthesis made by ATS in Alès. With this process, we want to show that it is possible to order treatment close to home, in the best possible way. We have nothing to envy in other major cities.”

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