June 18, 2024


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AI Patent Amazes Fans – Remarkably accessible buildings

AI Patent Amazes Fans – Remarkably accessible buildings

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GTA 6 is supposed to set new standards in the gaming world. The developers have already obtained new patents for artificial intelligence, which has already impressed fans.

NEW YORK – The first GTA 6 trailer promises a lot to fans. A lively Vice City, exciting characters and lots of silly things to discover. To ensure fans have a particularly immersive experience, it appears that Rockstar Games and publisher Take-Two have already obtained patents for the artificial intelligence. Fans are already excited about this, because one of the community's old wishes might come true.

GTA 6: Developer obtains new patents for artificial intelligence – will the biggest hit for fans come true?

Patents: If you asked GTA 6 fans what they wanted from the next title in the popular series, free-to-access buildings would likely be on every list. Because in the previous parts there was a lack of accessible shops and apartments. But Take-Two's newly secured patent gives fans hope.

Reddit user NoDevelopment894 shared his discovery on the platform. “This AI has been patented because it represents a major breakthrough in the gaming world.” There you can also see the entry in the patent office:

What does the new AI do in GTA6? Accordingly, Take-Two has reportedly patented an artificial intelligence that generates random indoor furniture. According to the user will “Individual category buildings and rooms” It is appointed. Therefore, a luxury apartment is different from a simple apartment. But not only will the style be different, things like the level of wear and hygiene will also ensure that each room becomes individual and changes over time. Fans are already concerned about the system required in GTA 6.

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GTA 6: New AI patents delight fans – “A major breakthrough for the gaming world” © Rockstar Games / unsplash (montage)

For fans, the patent only means that Rockstar Games will be bringing more playable buildings into the game. “AI for interiors makes me optimistic that we will have many more accessible buildings. If it could somehow generate interiors every time we wanted to enter a building, it would be a new eye opener for a game of this size!”

GTA 6: NPCs must also obtain an AI patent

NPC Artificial Intelligence: Not only are buildings getting new AI, but NPCs should also become noticeably smarter in GTA 6. According to the patent, these elements adapt to the weather or the player's actions, for example. This could mean that NPCs will act much more individually than in previous parts of the series. This may also lead to spontaneous reactions that make the characters seem more realistic.

If the buildings in GTA 6 do become available, fans may be able to visit an iconic location in the series. Tommy Vercetti's possessions may have been discovered in the GTA 6 trailer.