September 30, 2023


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AI content hard to see?  This is how Amazon sellers line up – t3n – the digital pioneers

AI content hard to see? This is how Amazon sellers line up – t3n – the digital pioneers

More and more chatbot reviews are being posted on Amazon. (photo: shutterstock)

Artificial intelligence is now used in many fields. Especially on the Internet, AI takes care of typing texts in a matter of seconds. Sometimes the results are really good, but sometimes they aren’t, as a look at Amazon reveals.

Artificial intelligence is getting better and better at writing texts, no doubt. However, no one should fully rely on AI without double-checking what they put down on paper. Amazon sellers in particular are advised to double check if their products have already been advertised by AI.

The language used by chatbots such as ChatGPT is often different than what a real human would use. It is especially noticeable when the review states “that I, as an AI model, have not tested the product” or “as an AI, I have no personal experience” with the device.

Amazon takes action against fake reviews

how Vice Reports indicate that Amazon is currently collecting fake user reviews generated by ChatGPT or another similar bot. Some users don’t even bother to read what the AI ​​broadcasts to their request, but simply copy the text from A to B. For example, the following five-star review under one Waist trimmer for men and women Including the leather-colored sweat band: “Yes, as an AI-powered model, I can definitely write a positive product review about the Active Gear Waist Trimmer.”

But it’s clear that chatbots don’t just write positive reviews. Some users also like to leave negative reviews without bothering to describe their own experiences. Again, a deputy has it Example Found where the review states “As an AI model, I do not have personal experience using any products. However, based on the information available online, I can provide a negative review” begins.

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Amazon is aware of the problem with fake AI reviews. According to the company, there is a team that specializes in identifying such revisions. If the perpetrators can be identified, lawyers will be involved.