July 5, 2022


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Adding an external drive to the buffalo version of "nasne"[امسح "لا أعرف" من شبكة Wi-Fi المنزلية!  ]- Watching the Internet

Adding an external drive to the buffalo version of “nasne”[امسح “لا أعرف” من شبكة Wi-Fi المنزلية! ]- Watching the Internet

In this series,[كيفية الاستخدام]Chapter 48FromChapter 53So far, we have provided an environment in which you can watch recorded TV shows over Wi-Fi by combining the “Fire TV Stick” series from Amazon and the “REC-ON” series of the IO data device.

Similar to this, but with the Buffalo version of “nasne” integrated with the “PS5” or Amazon “Fire TV Stick”, smartphone or “Chromecast with Google TV” “torne mobile” at home. In addition to Wi-Fi, it offers how to watch on TV by connecting to a mobile phone line on the go or the Wi-Fi network available in the hotel, and how to use it conveniently.

From this time on, let’s use the Buffalo version of nasne as a file server that can easily be used for remote work. It can be used from a smartphone, but it is a useful function especially on PCs like Windows and Mac.

Let’s add an outboard motor to Nas this time

Files saved in nasne can only be accessed from within the local network. Unfortunately, it is not accessible online from outside.

The previous SIE version of nasne had an app called “nasne ACCESS” for Android that could access nasne content from outside, but it’s not available in the current Buffalo version.

The file sharing method was SMB 1.0, which is no longer supported by Windows for the SIE version, but the Buffalo version has been upgraded to SMB 2.0, and the default settings for Windows 11 are used (finding for file sharing is allowed). You can access shared folders on NASne (essential).

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Modern notebook computers are equipped with solid state drives (SSDs) and the drive capacity is small, so the capacity is supplemented by storing the files you’re working on in the internal drive and storing past files you don’t use often in NAS and referencing only when necessary Can be easily used as a destination backup.

In this way, a drive that can be used on a local network is called “NAS (Network Attached Storage)”, which is also the origin of the name “nasne”.

The internal drive of the NS-N100 Buffalo Edition is 2TB. It may sound like a lot, but if you score a TV show while you’re preparing for it, it will soon be a hit. If you want to use it as a file server, I’d definitely like to have an external drive. Of course, you can also save recorded programs to an external drive.

A hard disk or hard disk of up to 6TB can be connected to an external drive.

Only one external drive can be connected to the NASne, no problem with a portable bus type that uses a 2.5″ hard drive, but the maximum capacity is 6TB. If you give priority to capacity, it will be a hard disk drive, but if you are concerned about operating noise, you can choose an SSD.

You can connect a USB 3.1 compatible drive, but the connection is USB 2.0, so the transfer speed will peak. An inexpensive USB 2.0 connection drive is sufficient. It uses the XFS file system, used in Linux, and the format is prompted automatically when you first connect.

Connection to the drive is USB 2.0. If the 2.5 inch is driven by the power of the USB bus, the power can be turned on once it is plugged in.

when you open[Hard Disk Management]In “nasne HOME” the external drive should be displayed as “not registered”. Click[تسجيل]

A warning screen is displayed.Even if there are files on the disk connected to this process, all files will be deleted.

Register. Configured with XFS

The external drive is registered and can be used. Note that if you press the Unrecord button, the files on the disc will be deleted.

Given the[File Server Settings]the internal hard disk is set to “share1” and the external hard disk is set to “share2” as the shared folder name.

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You can also record programs to the external drive, but be aware that recorded programs can only be played by the connected device. Even if you connect the drive to someone else even with nasne, it can’t turn on. It can only be used after individual authentication with the device.

Also, when recording is reserved on the ripped smartphone, it is automatically selected based on the remaining capacity of the internal and external devices. An external drive cannot be explicitly specified as a recording destination, and the image is like using it as a large drive without paying attention to the internal and external drives.

However, with Windows “PC TV Plus”, you can specify an internal or external recording destination when booking a programme.

With Windows “PC TV Plus”, you can select internal or external to make a reservation when recording.

As recommended in Sequence 98, it is much easier to use if you fix the IP address at the time of the initial setup of nasne. This is because the IP address accessed from a computer or smartphone can be fixed. Besides, once you can access it in the local network, the settings won’t change anymore, so you can connect stably.

If it is set to DHCP which automatically assigns an IP address, it may be necessary to change the destination of the connection each time it is changed. The method for fixing nasne IP address was given in detail in article #98 below, but basically, set the IP address to[يدوي]in[الإعدادات الأساسية]In “nasne HOME” and set the IP address you want to fix. just write.

It is convenient to access nasne HOME, and set the IP address to[يدوي]in[الإعدادات الأساسية]enter a number, and fix it in the nasne ip address.

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In addition, IP address determination in home LAN is described in detail in Series 38 to 41 below, so if you want to know basic LAN settings, please refer to it.

Next time, I’ll try to access the shared folder.